Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day Bonus Level 1-V Walkthrough -

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day Bonus Level 1-V (1-5) is 3-starred in two steps. First, navigate your contraption all the way up through the star box on the hill. Then let it roll back to cross the finish line. Now build a smaller contraption with the tnt box. Let it roll down the hill, and detonate the tnt at the first ravine. This should send the pig rolling down towards the finish line within the time limit.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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By Harrystar6 (@harrystar6)

This level is very challenging for me thanks for the great video it made it a lot easier :)

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By f91jsw (@f91jsw)

There is an even easier way to get the time star: build a contraption with only boxes and wheels, place the TNT in the second box from the left and the pig in the leftmost box. Trigger TNT just as the vehicle clears the first cliff to send the pig alone into the opening to the left. He will free fall straight to the finish line.

By ArcadianRefugee

Awesome! Took me a bit to figure out how many boxen and such, but it worked like a charm!

What I did, for those interested: imagine a numeric keypad — wooden boxes at 7,4,5; metal wheels beneath at 1 & 2; TNT in 5; piggie in 7. Soon as you crest the hill so that the TNT/Pig/opening above are in a line, detonate.

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By alfablac (@alfablac)

Just like @f91jsw said.
I made this:
Starting with the nitros, and after the first cliff you trigger the TNT.
You remain with a coil mini car and fall into a half-loop at the end finishing with ~7:00 left


You can also complete the time goal by using a single box with wheels on three sides and an umbrella on top. Strategically upturn and close the umbrella to speed up or slow down. Fall with style.

By Bernard Boey

There is a simpler method of completing this level without tnt:

3 box metal frame
2 umbrellas on top
2 metal wheels at the bottom
2 blue and 2 green bottles at the remaining places

For getting the star box, face the bottles to the left and just let the contraption roll to the right and use the umbrellas when necessary. Activate the bottles to climb the last hill. Then let it roll down the hill to the finish line.

To finish the time limit, face the bottles to the right and activate them when leaving the first hill, so that the contraption will float to the left and leave by the left tunnel, and down to the finish line.

By Russell Williams

I got the timer by setting the piggy on top of a chain of boxes, blowing him up with TNT and he rolled from the curved rocks into the hat. 4 seconds to spare. Sort of over the top and down.. Cheers

By spok

You must first make a two-cube vehicle and then place one wheel above two below and one to the left. Then place an umbrella to the right. Close the umbrella. When you are into the first gap open the ublella wait one second open it and when you are above finish line close it to come up to the cliff and open it again

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