Astro Golf: Taking Mini Golf to New Heights – Our review of this intergalactic golf app

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  • Released on February 20, 2014
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  • Genres Puzzle, Sports
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Back when I was what is now dubbed as a ‘tweener, I didn’t have iPads or mobile gaming or touchscreen innovation to keep me entertained.  I actually had to leave my house (which blows my kids’ minds) to do something fun, and my top two choices were the mall or Putt-Putt, the mini-golf course.  I spent man a summer evening chugging Mountain Dew and making up different, crazy rules on the green and holding up the golfers behind us because I somehow lost the ball in the windmill. AGAIN.

Before I launch into yet another review of yet another golf game, you should know I think the golf things has been done to death.  No mentioning names, but surely no fewer than 5 games come to mind when I say “golf”.  It seems to me that the physics behind golf game play is pretty simple for developers to tackle and makes it easy to churn out a fun yet often-duplicated little game.  While Astro Golf has the dreaded “g” word in the title, besides game play physics there’s really nothing in the game that brings to mind sand traps and bogies.

Orbit (who bears a striking resemblance to Disney’s Wall-E) and his robot friend Tess are trapped in a cargo spaceship and need to get out by morphing into rolling orbs and bouncing around until they land in a hole and move to the next level.  So yeah, not really golf.  The 3D graphics are very textural and definitely reflect the outer space theme going on.  Considering the game play functions are pretty basic, the actual visual appeal and storyline keep players engaged despite having possible played the same game before with just slight variations.  Content is kid-friendly and with some help from adults, younger players could easily play independently.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of features in the game that boost the replayability. Along with the fifty holes (levels) in which players can ear one of three metals depending on the score, there are also bonus rounds to unlock.  Three different modes add even more content to keep the game fresh and keep players coming back.  Earn coins to buy power ups that help Orbit by placing a magnet at the hole, shielding him from enemies, or opening doors that let you save a stroke here and there so you can finish on par (some of the only golf references in the entire game).

Admittedly I rolled my eyes at the App Store description, thinking that I was hesitantly downloading yet another golf game.  Even the first few holes made me think that I wasted almost $3 on this download, but I kept playing and started to enjoy Astro Golf just a little more.  It became challenging in a fun way and I liked that I wasn’t staring at green and trying to choose between a 9 iron and whatever other clubs there are.  Learning the physics of shooting Orbit was easy and I was helped by clearly written instructions.

As of the release date the game is on sale for $2.59 – which, according to the App Store, is half-off the full price.  For the sale price the game is meh; I’m not blown away but it’s nice to see a golf game that really has little to do with actual golf.  If I downloaded Astro Golf at the full price I would be pretty unhappy with my purchase because it’s just not worth it.  If it looks like something you might like, you better catch it quick before the launch sale ends.


From the Developer

>>> LAUNCH SPECIAL - 50% off regular price!

Our warehouse is FULL of these robots. We need to move them fast!

- - -

Immerse yourself in the most addictive mobile golf game available!

What could be better than mini golf? Mini golf, with robots, in outer space. Golf with Orbit, the Robot and with his gal-pal, Tess. As you help the robotic duo find their way out of the abandoned cargo ship—and hopefully their way back home—you’ll golf your way through the spaceship, dodging black holes and trying to make your shots despite moving platforms and doors, abandoned ship parts, fire traps and more!

App Highlights: - Fantastic console-quality 3D art rarely found in a casual game - Character-based play with a strong storyline for entertaining, engaging play - Fifty holes to play including numerous unlockable bonus levels— this means the fun goes on and on - Three play modes keeps the game fresh and gives you great replay-ability - Interesting plugins add a twist and a challenge as you gain the ability to through traps, ramp up to warp speed, and even defy gravity



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