Angry Birds Transformers Update adds a New Autobird … Windblade

Angry Birds Transformers received a new update (Version 1.13.1): Adding a new Autobird “Windblade”! from the Valkyries Squad Out now on iOS and on Android.

From the Appstore:


/WINDBLADE HAS ARRIVED! Join in with the competition to win the awesome new Windblade character!
/DOUBLE COMPETITIONS! Watch out for a second competition event later in the month!
/MANY IMPROVEMENTS! We continue to improve the ABTF experience for all players!

What’s new in this Update:

  • New Autobird: Windblade from the Valkyries Squad. She is to be unlocked in the upcoming challenge event.
  • New Event: Event will run from March 12 0:00 to March 20 0:00 UTC (March 11 16:00 to March 19 16:00 PST).
  • Bug Fixes: The ABT Team has heard your feedback and fixed a number of major issues for this release. Did you spot them? New bugs? Repaired bugs? Let us know!
  • No new Achievements.

/ End transimission …


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