Angry Birds Toons – Season 2 Episode 26 “Epic Sax-Off!” – Season 2 Finale

Matilda finds a spot to practice her saxophone away from the complaints of the other birds, but she’s soon upstaged by a slick piggy horn player. There’s only one way to settle this – BATTLE OF THE SAXES!

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By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

The end of Season 2 already? I was thinking of more episodes that could be possible like a Hal or Stella introductory episode or more funny things to amuse us Flingers while we take a break from popping Pigs- oh well, there’s always Season 3….

By Richard Zoltowski

Can season 3 have Hal in angry birds toons?

Rank: Slinger with 1035 points
By Nothing (@autobird)

will there be a season 3? ’cause i think 2 was way too short and hastily thought up. it better include hal and stella, or even mighty eagle, since there is no toon version for eagle as far as i can see. btw the sax pig is a copy of “awesome saxophone guy” on youtube. i could tell by the motion of the piggy’s bottom waist…

By trusty

that sax pig looks just like handsome pig! XD LOL

By trusty

I thought there would be 26 more episode to go now

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