Angry Birds Theme Song Ringtone (MP3 & M4R)

The folks at Rovio were kind enough to send us the Angry Birds theme song that you can download and use as your ringtone.  Just select the appropriate version below and follow the instructions (if you need them).

Update: After a couple years, Rovio has asked us to remove these ringtones, as are now available for purchase via iTunes. A BIG thanks to Rovio for allowing us to host these for so long. The Angry Birds ringtone was one of the first pieces of official content ever hosted on “The Nest”, so it’s a bit of a sad day to see these come down. Lastly, a word of caution. Be sure NOT to download Angry Birds ringtones from other sites, as they may contain viruses, malware, etc.

Main Theme Song

→ iPhone Angry Birds Ringtone (.m4r)
→ MP3 Ringtone (.mp3)
→ MP3 & M4R Zipped (.mp3)

Seasons Greedings Ringtone

→ iPhone Angry Birds Ringtone (.m4r)
→ MP3 Ringtone (.mp3)
→ MP3 & M4R Zipped (.mp3)

Trick or Treat Ringtone

→ iPhone Angry Birds Ringtone (.m4r)
→ MP3 Ringtone (.mp3)
→ MP3 & M4R Zipped (.mp3)

Hogs and Kisses Ringtone

→ iPhone Angry Birds Ringtone (.m4r)
→ MP3 Ringtone (.mp3)
→ MP3 & M4R Zipped (.mp3)

Angry Birds Rio Ringtone

→ Rovio put it on iTunes for purchase

iPhone Ringtone Instructions: We’ve already done the bulk of the work by converting the MP3 to a 30-second M4R.  All you should have to do now is download the file, double-click to add it to your iTunes ringtone library, and then sync your iPhone. A full write-up can be found on PCWorld.

Droid Ringtone Instructions: You can use any MP3 file as a ringtone, so no need to convert it. That said, the instructions are a little more elaborate as they involve creating a folder on the SD card. Here’s a write-up. Note, you can do this all without mounting the phone to your computer. You just need the Astro File Manager app (free) to browse the SD card to create the directory. From there just open this page on your mobile and download the MP3 right to your phone and move it to the appropriate directory.

Blackberry: If anyone knows of a website with a good set of instructions, or if you want to leave your own feel free to leave a comment.  The second post here has a quick tutorial.

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    Comments (131)

    Blas says:

    I can’t download a ringtone becuse my phone is T-mobile samsug…..why?

    You would need to download either the MP3 or M4R to your computer and transfer.

    lovely angel says:

    thanks alot for the ringtone.^_^

    Kartflyer says:

    Any news about other seasons’ ringtone? Thanks.

    You would have to ask Rovio. We can’t post them unless they release them to the public.

    i love the main them song..
    thanks for share.. love it :)

    terry says:

    Were can I get the new ringtone year of the drago thanks

    We don’t have it, sorry.

    Eija says:

    I want The Summer Picnic or should I say Pignic…anyway – the best theme ever.

    Sheogorath says:

    “You would need to download either the MP3 or M4R to your computer and transfer.”
    Only if you haven’t purchased internet data from your network provider. I did because that’s pretty much all I use my phone for, so I was able to download the main theme straight to my Samsung Galaxy Apollo on T-Mobile.

    This was primarily written for iPhone, and I believe that requires a computer.

    Shivkumar says:

    check out my website :
    {link removed by admin}

    Sorry but we will not allow you to post such websites unless you have asked and received Rovio’s permission to use their copyright and trade marked name in your URL.

    In fact, Rovio has been going around and issuing Cease & Desist notices to websites that use their material without their permission. So you may want to avoid such hassles.

    Mikkor says:

    Summer Pignic is missing! It’s the best! I have it as my ringtone. :)

    We only have ringtones that Rovio has provided us.

    bowzerbird says:

    Fabulous!! From the AB folder on the PC, I loaded the Angry Birds “laugh” [when they beat all the piggies] as my MAIN ring tone and have a graphic when the phone loads. When the phone rings in PUBLIC some folks recognize our birdeeze!! has free software to integrate [install] images/photos/videos etc. and ringtones on our phones. Love it and of course, love my Angry Birdeeze!

    bowzerbird says:

    PS: Go into the RIO folder and the main theme is there to put on the phone. No need to pay for it through iTunes.

    ali says:

    Could you pleas get riomusic

    Rio’s music is available in iTunes.

    […] UPDATE: I forgot to include the MP3 of the theme song which I played as part of a transition from “blah” slides to the Angry Birds title slide. (Original files over at the Angry Birds Nest). […]

    must watch this movie.

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