Angry Birds Stella Wall Of Pigs #4 Episode 2 Walkthrough

Here is our 3 star walkthrough video strategy for Angry Birds Stella Wall of Pigs #4 Episode 2 (Beach Day). The score in the video is 294,710.

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Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)Score: 292,120

There are a lot of possible strategies on this level. Mine was to send Dahlia into the lower core of the top center structure. Depending on where you trigger, you can damage or destroy any of the other structures. Normally, you’ll clear the bottom center struct, and damage the bottom right one. Since that’s all up to luck, a fixed strategy is pointless. Depending on the first shot outcome, these are the other shots I’ve gotten results with. Pick whichever one you need at the time.

#2 Send Willow in a U-turn to the base of the top left structure. She needs to impact the bottom right triangular wood block, or the glass block just above it to clear the structure.
#2 Willow in long arc to take out the top right structure. Auto-trigger. Aim as high as you can without hitting the stone supporting the top right structure.
#2 Willow in a loop to take out the bottom left structure. She needs to impact the rightmost wood blocks, near the ground.

#3 Stella backwards, and redirect upwards into the thin glass plank on the left side of the top right structure. The plank and glass block under it should be highlighted. This is a great-scoring shot.

#4 Luca soundwaves the bottom left structure, and crashes into the bottom right structure.
#4 Luca soundwaves the top left structure, and crashes into the bottom right structure. He can completely clear the top right one, if you break all the planks and most of the glass blocks.

#5 Poppy arc to hit the bottom right structure.
#5 Poppy backwards to hit the bottom left structure. Possible, but hard. Only use if she can’t clear all pigs on the bottom right structure.

By Myron Mahon

Score: 305,700

Dahlia straight up. Detonate just below the middle pig of the upper left platform. This should also clear the lower middle platform, too.

Willow backwards and immediately tap and hold to u-turn to clear the lower left platform.

Stella up to the right. fire her into the left metal slat of the top middle platform, clearing it, the banner underneath, and most of the lower right platform.

Aim and fire Luca at the remaining pigs on the lower right level while soundwaving the upper right structure to break the horizontal and far right vertical glass, crumbling and killing all those pigs. If you’re lucky, Luca will take out the lower right pigs.

If not the use Poppy to clean up.

By Abigail Campos

Enjoy Angry Birds Stella and I was wondering when episode three is going to open. Thank you.

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