Angry Birds Stella Pop Levels 71 to 75 Walkthroughs

The end is near … for now! In part 11 of our Angry Birds Stella Pop video series we show you how to complete levels 71 through 75.

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    By Linda

    I don’t know how you’re getting 56 bubbles to work with. I get THIRTY for the whole level. Please post how to get these additional ones. If I had 56, I could do this level, but it’s impossible with what I have.

    By kelly

    CONQUERING LEVEL 75 WITH ONLY 38 BUBBLES–SOLVED! I also had this problem–having only 38 bubbles while the videos show 66 to start. I never learned how those people got 66 bubbles but I did conquer the level with my 38. The trick for me was to switch my bubble in the sling with the one on deck. A LOT. For my computer, I click on the on-deck bubble to switch it with the one in the sling. Others wrote to click on the sling itself. This was most useful with a power bubble in the sling that I switched over and over until I could use it best. And, aim at bubbles way up when you can.

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    By Bp (@bp101697)

    Now level 75 has been buffed again and has only 34 bubbles, which is insanely hard.

    By Caroline

    Me too!!! Starting with 38!!!

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    By E-Star (@e-star)

    Linda & Caroline I am sorry don’t play Angry Birds Stella Pop, but I noticed the video being made by @birdleader
    Maybe he will remember how he did it way back when?

    Just one tip though… as these pages aren’t visited that often, use an @ sign and the name of a person you might think will know the answer. In this case @birdleader as he made the video and post.

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