Angry Birds Stella Pop Levels 66 to 70 Walkthroughs

So many bubbles, so little time! In part 10 of our Angry Birds Stella Pop video series we show you how to complete levels 66 through 70.

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    By FreckledPig147 (@freckledpig147)

    It looks like there is a glitch on level 69, where there is a green bubble stuck on the slingshot. Normally it would go off the slingshot and fall into the bubble collectors, but instead you see three bubbles come out and another one stuck on the sling.

    By Gbird

    Level 67 looks a lot different than it does in the video. Is there a video on how to defeat the current level 67? @admins

    By Becky

    Why do I start with only 45 turns when you get 66?

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