Angry Birds Stella Pop Levels 251 to 255 Secret Lagoon Walkthroughs -

In part 47 of our Angry Birds Stella Pop video series we show you how to complete levels 251 through 255 of Secret Lagoon.

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By ubermom (@ubermom)

Has anyone 3-starred level 252? Pointers would be greatly appreciated! It’s the only Pop level I haven’t managed to 3 star yet!

By t.a.mattsson

I finally got three stars after weeks and weeks of trying and buying extra balls. I got 137.445 points.

By Sirinae

Uhh, it’s level impossible!! Kudos to t.a.mattsson, I’m months in playing and nowhere near the elusive 3rd star.
I hate levels relying on blind luck!! >.<

By Sirinae

Got it: You need fireballs, at least 10 because you will likely need multiple tries: Get as many points as you can from the first two hatchlings/critters then shoot the last one with a fireball. Or try different combos, like shooting them all with a fireball and knocking the rest down from the top. Those humming birds are your moneymakers. Hate levels relying on luck and sadly this is one of them :(


Same question, but regarding level 255. And the problem is, if you don’t get 3 stars in 255, you can’t unblock challenges for further scenarios… Has anybody managed? Even the videos in Internet reach only one other two stars and they use my same strategy!

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