Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Videos & Animations

Rovio has been revealing Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay through a series of short videos that start out with a fun animation that gives you an up close look at the new characters. They’re careful not to reveal too much too soon, but we can definitely extract a few interesting nuggets:

  • As expected, the Red bird (aka, Angry Luke) carries a light saber and can use it to cut through blocks.
  • Leia is the Pink bird and her power is a tractor beam. As shown in the video she uses it to pull down an AT-AT Walker. That is one strong tractor beam!
  • The pigs on Tatooine will be dressed like the wretched Tusken Raiders (aka, “Sand People”).
  • Some of levels will fight back! Notice how the AT-AT Walker shoots laser beams. These are sure to get in the way!
  • As we posted about last week, the button that usually spawns the Mighty Eagle has been replaced by what looks to be a Millennium Falcon icon. Will we be able to summon a Mighty Millennium Falcon?
  • Per the animation, Angry Luke is trying to impress Leia with his light saber skillz. Obviously, the poor bird doesn’t yet know Leia is his sister.

Since we like to toot our own horns, we were the first site to uncover a glimpse of the gameplay, which we posted about here. Again, amazing super sleuthing by the ABN community!

R2-D2 and C-3PO Gameplay

Rovio’s second gameplay teaser features the beloved robotic duo of R2-D2 and C-3PO. Again, Rovio is releasing as little information as possible, but enough for us to wet our whistles.

  • R2-D2 is being played by the infamous Egg. His (its?) ability seems to be an electric zapping that targets nearby pigs and dislodges structures in its proximity.
  • C-3PO is a golden version of the White bird. The ability here is an explosion that sends metallic debris around the entire level. This will be exceptionally useful in levels with scattered TNT blocks, like the one shown in the video.
  • There will be physics just like in Angry Birds Space, featuring zero-gravity and circular gravitational fields.
  • Tie Fighters don’t just have pig-like bodies because it’s clever. They are worth 5,000 points! We are guessing that you will be required to break them in order to pass the level.

Han Solo and Chewie Gameplay

In this third Angry Birds Star Wars trailer we’re introduced to best friends Han Solo and his hairy sidekick, Chewbacca (who looks absolutely awesome!). A few more nuggets have been revealed:

  • The Yellow Bird takes on the roll of the dashing Han Solo. However, instead of a speed burst, Han’s power-up is his trusty blaster, which fires laser beams.
  • Terence (aka, Big Brother) makes for an awesomely awesome Chewbacca. He’s big, hairy and won’t put up with any mischief. His power-up is the same = pure brute force!
  • This video gives us the first glimpse of the bomb bird, but we don’t see exactly what he does.

Obi Wan & Darth Vader Gameplay

The fourth Angry Birds Star Wars trailer features the Jedi Master: Obi Wan and his old apprentice Darth Vader. Rovio is very careful not to reveal too much too soon, but we can definitely extract a few interesting nuggets:

  • The force is with Obi Wan Kenobi, the Bomb Bird. Instead of the usual bomb explosion, he uses the Force to push objects away.
  • Darth Vader, the master “King Pig”, won’t sit around doing nothing. He uses the Dark Side of the Force to place blocks and objects on the birds path. Notice the red glow.
  • This video also gives us a glimpse of the Blue Birds, but we don’t see exactly what they do.

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    Comments (190)

    DeltaRay says:

    Obi-Wan and Vader’s Force look like magnet…

    Darth vader is really cool.

    MVNLA2 says:

    So what does red glow do / mean? Maybe you can’t destroy objects protected with red glow until you kill Darth Vader?

    Theawsomeman says:

    The glow is (the force) he’s lifting the items up and when u kill him they fall

    Balooon says:

    Cool, but Darth Vader dint die on that level…

    Tomorrow the blue birds animation and gameplay?

    Sopipas says:

    Hope so, but also likely princess Leila, I was right about this

    Dorito says:

    Darth Vader and Obi Bomb are awesome! It’s like a battle of forces!

    Obi Bomb? It’s Obi Wan! Why did you put Obi Bomb? It’s really really funny right?

    AngrybirdfanDB says:

    This game is gonna be super fun!!!!! Can’t wait!!!

    So, Boomerang Bird will be Yoda? Probably, yes, but what he do?

    ketjowp says:

    Maybe there will be no yoda, because he appears in episode V, so Boomerang bird can be added in future updates.

    DarAv666 says:

    I think the boomerang bird will not be Yoda

    Rovio and Lucasfilm are going to have a Angry Birds Star wars Live Hangout Launch at November 7 at 11pm PT.

    Yea,youre right.
    Joined it about an hour ago

    I’m kind of sad that black bird doesn’t even blow up.

    spoonmon says:

    Wow! The game play just keeps looking better and better. Have to incorporate some new strategies for this one! Can’t wait!!

    Darth looks more like a Helmet Pig. Maybe Emperor Palpatine would be the King.

    Yup! He is! From an official ad for the Google+ hangout on Chrome…it is… Count Porkatine (unofficially)!

    Unofficially named. Btw on in the shop on the plush toy Vader is Lard Vader.

    DS offline says:

    Emperor Porkatine

    Xplus says:

    Darth escaped!

    Xplus says:

    He didn’t die!He may return later In another episode like the space king.

    Fooly8 says:

    I wonder if Boomerang will appear sometime…

    I ❤ Bad Piggies!!! says:

    Blue Bird COULD be TC-3. And Yoda is in Ep. II as well.

    Theawsomeman says:

    Ooooooooh……..4 more days!!!!!

    Wow! Two days and no video! But beside from that i think for sure bubbles is yoda (orange bird) I also think there will be no Lando, i’m a fan of Star Wars and most people don’t recognize him so he probally wont be their nor boomerang. I’m a little disapointed about Terrence (Chewbacca) i mean in space he didn’t have a “real” power-up and he doesn’t have one here kinda disapointed:(

    bboss says:

    I want to see “storm trooper” pigs. They are like the helmet pigs, but can shoot out laser beams like Han Solo. However, they can only shoot one laser.

    aaronksy says:

    3 MORE DAYS!!! I cant wait!!!!
    Official triler! Awansome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cosmo2503 says:

    Rovio has a marvellous marketing. Every teasing video is just awesome, I believe that houndreds thousands if not millions players are waiting for 8 November. I am just one who is counting hours until release. Love it!

    aaronksy says:


    Birds! says:

    So, that’s the mighty falcon’s ability, shoot the target and the mighty falcon will shoot at it (completely different, unlike the ME & the SE)

    WereWolf69 says:

    It certainly looks entertaining enough, Guess I’ll be buying it after all.
    It still cracks me up to see characters with no visible arms, wielding weapons and fighting.

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