Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth Level 3-20 Walkthrough

Star Destroyer dead ahead! Our strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth level 3-20 is to send Han Solo towards the blue planetoid, firing his blaster parallel to the top of the Star Destroyer to take out the three helmet pigs. Now send Obi-Wan immediately below the Star Destroyer, force pushing the front half up, taking out the smaller ship. Fling the second Obi-Wan beneath the blue planetiod and force push the heck out of the back part of Star Destroyer, breaking it into pieces. Use Chewie to pick up any stragglers and to rack up some points.

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By Seth

The First time I actually played the level, is I actually got the second Obi-wan to blow the small laser cannon to the right, and it actually caused it to shoot everything. this went on for 2-3 minutes and finally won with 3 birds standing with 168,990 points.

By Wade Benjamin

if you aim han just below the destroyer, and wait til the tie fighter has rotated, you can fling him to the back of the destroyer where he can shoot the tnt and destroy most of the enemies, then it’s a matter of cleanup.

Rank: Slinger with 1150 points
By Samthered (@samuelredbird)

A tip with the first Obi-Wan is to fling him so that he crashes into the TIE fighter and push at the upper smaller ship immediately.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5110 points
By Jkhab69 (@jkhab69)

1. target trajectory at the bottom tie fighter by the first laser, intersecting the first bottom pig. after launch immediately blast the top tie fighter by the first laser.
You want to kill the top tie fighter with your first bird.
2. depending on the results of debris from the two Tie fighters, launch below at the bottom pigs, direct the force up behind the first laser to make it rotate, or If debris is in the way from the explosion of the tie fighters, launch above the first laser and make it rotate back towards the rest of the ship. remember you have two obis. if your first one doesn’t rotate the laser properly try the second one.
Once the laser has finished destroying everything in its path or until it’s blown up by an improbably random ricochet, use the remaining birds as needed for cleanup.
be prepared for a lot of interesting results. some of the outcomes defy the laws of logic, probability,and physics. ricochets, the Laser aiming everywhere except where you want, small pieces of debris just coming out of nowhere nudging the laser out of alignment, etc.. The good news is with this method you’ll know within about 20 seconds whether not it’s going to work. I’ve gotten up to 164k, with potential for more. I just needed to redo this level to can move onto POTJ again, so I didn’t spend a lot of time trying for higher scores.

By tony

just a lot of luck.I got 210630in this level just han attack the TNT and obi wan give me a lot of luck.

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