Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Game & Tournament Now Available

Surprise! Angry Birds Star Wars has come to Facebook! This is a huge release, so there are a lot of details to go through. First off, to play head over to, If you’re familiar with Angry Birds Friends then this will seem familiar; however, there are a ton of differences, so I encourage you to read on.

Note, it’s important to realize that this is a “Beta” release, so things may change on a daily basis. I am also quite certain Rovio is also open to constructive feedback via our comments. This doesn’t mean you should vent your frustrations. That will have the opposite effect. Rather, if you want to be heard, a much better strategy is to politely detail what you like, dislike, and/or or propose.

We’ll go into much more detail below, but on a high level this initial release of Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook includes:

  • 40 levels of Tatooine. These levels seem to match those from the mobile version, so head over to our Star Wars section for walkthroughs and such.
  • Weekly Tournament that can be unlocked. Walkthroughs for these are live, so check them out if you need help.
  • Power-ups, Mighty Falcons, and Crystals which can be purchased via the “Shop”
  • Death Star coming soon.

Important! Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook scores should NOT be entered into the Angry Birds Star Wars leaderboard. We will be creating a separate leaderboard for this.

Weekly Tournament

In addition to the normal levels, there is also a weekly Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament. This has become a staple of Angry Birds Friends; however, the Angry Birds Star Wars weekly tournament is quite different. First off, you have to unlock the tournament, which can either be done accomplishing an objective (this week that means beating Tatooine level #9) or by purchasing the “Galactic Bundle”, which immediately unlocks all tournament levels. But wait, there’s more:

  • Costs Crystals to Play: Currently, every time you exit, restart, or fail a level it costs you one crystal; however, if you complete the level you’re not charged. Remember, this is a beta release, so whether or not it stays this way remains to be seen. Crystals do recharge over time (one approximately every 12 minutes), but still, this presents a bit of a quandary for many of us die-hard players that strive for highscores. You now really need to be careful how many times you restart a level. The alternative is to purchase the “Galactic Bundle” (details below), but put plainly, this option may simply be too expensive for many players. I personally have no issue with having to “unlock” the tournament, but having to effectively pay to play each tournament level seems a bit excessive. Many of the most loyal players will already purchase Power-Ups, so this adds yet another expense. That’s my 2 cents at least. Feel free to leave your thoughts below, but DO NOT rant, scream, or yell. Polite and constructive feedback only.
  • 5 levels in each tournament.
  • New tournament every week starting at 9 PM PST (we will verify this time)
  • Star Wars Tournament Walkthroughs are up!

Break Down of Shop

Below is a breakdown of what’s available to purchase in the shop. Pricing of each Power-up/Item/Bundle may change, so we’re only going to list what’s actually available to purchase, not the price of each. All purchases are made using “Credits”, which you purchase by clicking the “Buy Credits” button.


  • Clone Bird: Add one more bird to any level!
  • Power-up Bundle: Each bundle includes Lightsaber Slings, Thermal Detonators, and Blaster Droids
  • Thermal Detonator: Melt the Empire’s defenses with the Thermal Detonator
  • Blaster Droid: Attach a blaster bolt shooting droid to your bird!
  • Lightsaber Sling: Energize the slingshot to increase birds’ speed and mass
  • Mighty Falcon: Rain down destruction and earn special gold badges with the Mighty Falcon


Crystals are used as part of the weekly tournament, which we’ve detailed above. To recap, it costs one crystal per level and/or restart. Crystals recharge over time or can be accumulated via the methods below:

  • Ask for Crystals: You can ask your friends to send you crystals.
  • 40 Crystals, plus 10 free for 400 credits
  • 10 Crystals for 100 credits

Galactic Bundle (via “Crystals” tab)

The Galactic Bundle is basically a subscription that includes: Infinite Crystals, All Tournament Levels, and Unlimited Mighty Falcons. Currently, there are one and six month subscriptions available. These subscriptions are definitely not cheap, but if you’re a die hard player it might be worth it to you. It’s important to note that you can also unlock the tournament by unlocking a particular level.

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Comments (61)

By M J Bentley

i love playing tournaments on angry birds friends, so when i saw there was another version of angry birds that had a tournament i was very excited to play against my friends. however when i discovered i had to pay a crystal heart in order to leave it or re-start it i was not happy. i put alot of work into my tournament games and often dont succeed for the first few times so this means i end up loosing lots of hearts. personally i would love to see the hearts thing gotten rid of.

Rank: Slinger with 1225 points
By Carrot-master (@carrot-master)

It´s only the beta version now, so it might be deleted later.

By Channing

I loved the crystals for the tournament. I don’t have the time to waste sitting in front of the pc hour after hour. This puts me on a much more level playing field with my friends who live on facebook. it’s not like they don’t come back after a bit of time. I love it, thank you!

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