Angry Birds Star Wars Boba Fett Missions Jetpack 2 Walkthrough

Users can unlock the Boba Fett Missions episode of Angry Birds Star Wars by finding Boba Fett’s five jetpacks, which are scattered throughout the Star Wars universe. The second jetpack is found in Death Star Level 2-32. To obtain the jetpack, send Chewie just below the metal block straight ahead. Use Han to clear a path before flinging Luke just below the jetpack. Luke’s lightsaber should reach it.

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By Karim

If you are lucky enghogh by just fireing Chewie.

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By justpast40 (@justpast40)

This is how I lucked out on Android phone…With what I’ll call a medium zoom (not all the way in or out), aiming to the bottom of the largest (middle) box, at about the time the lasers from top go off the bottom of the screen. I was excited to almost get a 1-birder when the Jetpack popped up on the screen.

By Barnaby

As above, chewie through the bottom of the wooden bit and if you get it right he knocks some stone slabs onto the jetpack

By Calvin Lopez

Man!!?? I’ve collected four jetpacks and was bout to get the last one when it jus disappeared?!…now I can’t find it, as if I’d already got it…so now I have four and not five! I’ve completed the whole game with four stars in all levels….dont tel me I have start at the beginning again…”nooooooooooo!!”

By Mike

Angry birds star wars boba fett mission. I have all the jet packs but the game still shows locked saying I need to find the jetpacks. Now I am stuck. I am running Angry Birds on a Microsoft Surface computer with Windows 8.1

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