Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Rise of the Clones Level B4-9 Walkthrough

Our non-swap strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars II Rise of the Clones Level B4-9 (Bird Side) is to send Mace Windu below the structures, and aim his light saber at the first one. The bird should land on the tnt. The strategy shown yields a score of 166,600.

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Rank: Gold Flinger with 9145 points
By Furfeather (@furfeather)Score: 171,850

My strategy was same as vid, but I kept trying until finally the leftmost tower (wood/tubes) fell also for some extra points.

Rank: Sling God with 21135 points
By Jronstad (@jonstad)Score: 173,610

I followed the walk through video and managed to destroy everything as far as I could see, here is my screen shot.

Rank: Sling God with 21135 points
By Jronstad (@jonstad)Score: 173,610

@enci83 congrats on high score, any tips you can share?

Rank: Sling God with 25820 points
By wicket182 (@wicket182)Score: 173,160

You should probably not expect an answer if this score is like the other Top Scores that @enci83 has posted in the past. The majority of them have since been replaced with “attainable” scores. I have flagged this score and others.

Rank: Sling God with 21135 points
By Jronstad (@jonstad)Score: 173,610

@wicket182 thanks for info, no screen shot in album either, but I thought I’d ask.

By Schreck

Used the sane strategy as above, but kept at it until I got the tower down. Just cleared ALL debris and earned a score of 174110! How do I post my screen-shot?

Rank: Hardened with 505 points
By Bwulfe (@bwulfe)Score: 171,070

New here, but I followed Screck’s strategy. Took about a dozen tries and I didn’t score quite as much; but not complaining about 171,070.

Rank: Champion with 3990 points
By Divelucaya (@divelucaya)

It is very discouraging watching this video. I’ve done exactly the same thing except instead of flinging the light saber to the left, I’ve instead flung it to the right, cutting through the first pile and partially through the middle pile while Mace continues to the TNT. With luck, and more than once, the blocks above the middle pile continue to drop, wiping out the middle section. With all three sections totally destroyed I still have not achieved a 3* score. I don’t see any additional damage in the video so WTF? The only thing I can assume is that pieces of a section are not scoring as high dropping whole rather than being broken. I’ve gotten total clearance a dozen times and haven’t broken 162K. I’ll give the video method a shot but I’ll be pretty PO’ed if I can’t 3*.

Rank: Champion with 3990 points
By Divelucaya (@divelucaya)

Okay, tried the video method and still was getting scores between 162K and 163K. Broke 163K once by a couple hundred. Finally got 3*s only by knocking over fan tower. I really don’t understand the 4K difference between video method and what I’ve been doing.

Rank: Pig Leader with 11530 points
By redzym (@redzym)Score: 172,070

Video method worked fine for me. Just kept at it to improve the score. This was a massive relief to play after the last level (which was a nightmare).

Rank: Master Slinger with 6345 points
By Triggerfish (@triggerfish)Score: 172,780

I used Imperial Officer to get my current score of 172080.
I used same trajectory as video but fired at the left tower then the glass.

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