Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Reward Chapter PR-9 Bonus Box Walkthrough

There is a Collectible Item hidden in Angry Birds Star Wars II Reward Chapter level PR-9 (Anakin Episode III), in the extreme upper-right corner of the level. Fair warning: This Item is extremely difficult to obtain. The trick is to fling Anakin with only partial power into the left bubble. He should loop above the right bubble and into the boulders beyond. Use the Dark Force to push a boulder into the Bonus Box beyond.

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Comments (7)

Rank: Champion with 3100 points
By zlyeptitsy (@zlyeptitsy)

I did everything else in ABSW2 with the original birds given on my first run through, but this was just too ridiculous on an iPhone, where making a precisely aimed, zoomed-out soft shot–let alone a long-distance one–is insanely difficult. Even if you somehow manage to get Anakin to the right spot, as I did several times, its no guarantee you’ll get the boulders to move in the direction needed.

Save yourself the torture. After clearing out the boulder cache with an Anakin (easiest to do by taking out the bottom half of the second bubble which should send a lot of debris floating up) sub in a Stormtrooper or TIE Fighter Pilot and hit the box with a laser blast.

By Birdie

Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing. I first tried shooting it from above but that didn’t work, so used your method. Thanks!

By Epic C

Telepod Zam Wesett and use grappling hook to grab onto hard ground and she will swing and hit the box.

Rank: Sling God with 21285 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)

Extremely Difficult to say the least!!! Thank you for the walkthrough! I finally managed it with out a swap ;-) Here’s a screenshot of my trajectory:

Like Slim said, lessen your pull back of Anakin. If you look at the pic, try and only have the trajectory dots go to the one that’s just inside the bubble, maybe as far as the second dot in but no farther. It’s very tricky! I had several that came close before getting it…one even set free the bonus box and it floated all the way to the top off screen and it didn’t count! Good Luck…it’s a doozy 8-)

Rank: Shooter with 840 points
By CharlieC (@tarvin10)

If you swap out Darth Sidios ,after clearing the boulder cache with Anakin, and the shoot the lightning up the passage you should get the box. took two tries for me this way. Could not get a partial launch on Anakin to work properly.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8000 points
By DaBoid (@daboid)

After a zillion tries where I did not even get close, I just subbed in a Battle Droid and shot that stupid box on the first try. Done.

By The Good Gaming Dragon

The easiest way to do this one is just to use a tuskin raider

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