Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper Bonus Level F-6 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper bonus level F-6 is unlocked by feathering all levels of Pig Dipper. The strategy here is to fire the Sardine Can south around the first planet, outside of the water but within the gravitational field. The goal is to have the Can avoid the swinging anchor north of the target planet, calling for the Space Eagle when the can settles between the third and fourth towers. This is not a simple shot, and it may be the only or easiest strategy here. If you have an alternate strategy please feel free to leave a detailed comment below.

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By reactive1 (@reactive1)

Thanks @AMslimfordy and @sal9 for providing these walkthroughs! There were some tough feathers to earn in Pig Dipper, especially in 6-28. I used a bunch of cans on that one!

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Sal’s ANB video has the ticket on this SE feather. A few aiming tips:
Zoom out about half way so the planet with the ducks is visible, no need to see the other. Pick a background star that get the Sardine Can close to the landing point on the bridge between the two stone columns above the purple shell. Adjust your launch around the star and then you will hit the bridge more consistently. Also noticed that if the Sardine Can in not deep into the space either touching the bridge or very close to it, a pig usually remains or the three pigs in the bubble does not get busted.

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