Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals Bonus Level F-7 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals bonus level F-7 is unlocked by feathering all levels of Cosmic Crystals. The strategy is to toss the first can clockwise, calling for the Space Eagle directly above the TNT. This should clear the west planet and TNT, but leave everything else intact. Go counterclockwise next, calling for the Eagle between the planet and remaining TNT. Again, the last planet should remain intact. Finally, follow the flashing arrow to pop the mustache pig. If you have an alternate strategy please feel free to leave a detailed comment below.

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Wow, it looks so easy in the video. Just glad the Space Eagles were free for this level.

Some tips that may help another:
1. First SC keep close to the right side of the left crystal planet and activate before the SC hits the tnt bubble, planet or chain. This aids in not having the tnt destroy the other two crystal planets.
2. Same as #1 but from underneath, keep it close to the crystal. I activated the SC a little lower than the video.
3. Messed this one up more often than not but getting the right path without missing the atmosphere all together or cutting it to close and hitting the crystal planet was a bit of a fun challenge. Watch out for floating debris with the 3rd SC. There is a little star just to the left of the far right crystal planet that could be used as an aiming reference point. Works better is one is zoomed out when it was used.

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