Angry Birds Seasons Summer Camp “Camp Neversleep” Golden Egg #74 Walkthrough

Golden Egg #74, or better known as “Camp Neversleep”, is unlocked after you obtain 3 stars in all the regular levels of Angry Birds Seasons Summer Camp. This walkthrough tutorial shows you how to pass the Camp Neversleep Golden Egg level.

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Comments (39)

gladvold says:

Can’t enter above 250k although walkthrough shows 356k.. @admins

Mighty Red says:

@gladvold Try entering your score now.

Thanks for the heads up @gladvold and for raising the limit @mighty-red-1.

knichy says:

@CaptREC howdya get such a high score? 3-Birda? I can see the possibility but haven’t hit it.

@debtclaim, care to chime in, I see you have two top scores in the SC GE realm.

- ANDY - says:

@kinchy – @debtclaim is claiming all the top scores @ SC GE without any screenshots, strat or comment & appears to be claiming some others too despite only entering a few random scores elsewhere so I’ve flagged them all for removal.

@admins How can players as @debtclaim be allowed to take top spots away from those who enter ALL of their episode scores, are trusted & prepared to provide strategy and screenshots for the community regularly?

- ANDY - says:

@knichy see above!

knichy says:

Hang ten gnarly dude

- ANDY - says:

@knichy I was good but haven’t surfed since Florida ’89!

What’s your take on Top Scores from unknown random players who can’t back them up then?
Looking through the levels there are plenty that should be deleted…in my opinion?

knichy says:

@andy-2 I cannot conceive of a reason that a flinger would post only their high scores as @debtclaim and not all of them. It is not in keeping with the spirit of the nest. I am not an @admins but when I get to a computer with a keyboard I’ll take a closer look

debtclaim says:

Hello, never used the comments section before, there’s not a lot to say other than blind luck. this like most of my top scores, once done never repeated. I have a top score in Ragnhog golden egg number 88 which is more than 3k points in front of second place. I have played this game thousands of times after and cannot reach much more than the second place score. Just luck

knichy says:

@debtclaim I wish I had a #2 score. Common practice in the nest is to back up a high score with a screenshot and link it here in the comments. For a “Puppy” in the challenge, it should be a screenshot of the tally screen itself, but for a regular level on any given day just play the level to completion and screensnap the tally screen, your high score will show up in smaller font below. And certainly by the time this episode came out Rovio had added the lightning bolt to any PU scores, in some older levels scores still may come into question because there was no indicator of PU after the fact. Now during the level you actually see both your high and your PU high, and if you play with a PU your PU high shows up with a lightning bolt but if you don’t use a PU your “regular core” shows up in the tally.

Debtclaim says:

On the two levels I mentioned in my last post there are no power ups so why have my scores been removed. I would like my scores reinstated please.

- ANDY - says:

@debtclaim – You only appear to enter random scores throughout the AB episodes? Without posting a single comment, strategy or screenshot of your mind blowing high scores???? Can you please do this for ALL of your posted TOP SCORES or they will be challenged and admins will be asked to delete them and allow trusted members, who do provide comments, strategies and screenshots to deservedly, hold the trophy.

@knichy @admins

CaptREC says:

@knichy – Yup, can’t be done (I don’t think) without an extra 10k from an unused bird.
To me, it is getting enough “stuff” moved to be able to trigger the trapdoor without using el bombo.
I’m sure you’ll pull it off – just patient and luck (and not necessarily in that order!)

knichy says:

Patience, 2-birda, 2 bonus for 374!


knichy says:

@CaptREC I helped Eve there is a 1 bird here, I had so much shifting, first bird got 134k.
I think the key is to get the rocket on the right to go off. I can taste it!

CaptREC says:

@knichy my experience of you is that once tasted, you’re not gonna stop till you get the whole bite!

jlz-666 says:

Woohoo! 2 birdie 384,350 A fairly routine 2 birdie at that but what happened next,I’m not quite sure (sorry,one eye on the tennis) I was concentrating on what was happening above the trapdoor after 2nd Stella but suddenly realised that the balls were bouncing around underneath with the trapdoor SHUT. The chain and detonator were swinging around so something in the second explosion must have destabilised it and possibly a piece of chain fell,triggering the balls(?) All pigs were cleared below but the continual hammering on the trap door from the balls either smashed the doors or the movement disturbed the above rockets/TNT. Whatever….It all came tumbling down for a delicious 384k! I’ve no doubt someone else will get in the 380’s with the normal above the trapdoor 2 birdie but that was fun to watch!

I see @jlz-666 has achieved the same thing that I did. I’m amazed more of you haven’t experienced the same chain of events as we have. I will do my best to explain – in way too much detail – what happens and how to trigger it below:

Pink Bubble Bird to the TNT. You want to hit the TNT box quite high. The aim is to get the Pink bird to travel as far right as possible and lift all the clear and cement boulders on the left side out of the way. If you hit the TNT but your bird does not end up to the right of the wooden boulder directly underneath that TNT then save your time and restart immediately.

The key to achieving a high score is for your first bird to lift the 2 wooden boulders directly above the pig that is next to the caged bomb bird. What happened for me was that debris came crashing down like a wave from right-to-left freeing the caged bomb bird and setting off the rocket which fell into the now empty space formerly occupied by said cage. The rocket falls almost to the very bottom with the only thing below it being the clear boulder directly above the left chain of the V shape of chains holding the detonator to the horizontal bars. The final explosion of the rocket knocks the left chain free where it falls straight down knocking the red decorative ball to the left on to the red bouncy ball which proceeds to go crazy, destroying everything below the still-intact horizontal bars, and triggering the 2nd red bouncy ball.

The 2 balls will eventually start bouncing vertically where they will ever so slightly move from right-to-left across the horizontal bars, every once in a while 1 ball hit the left wall where it will start going crazy again before returning to hypnotising vertical bouncing once more. The two metal circle bits on the ends holding the horizontal bars maybe the only way points are being racked up at first but eventually the bouncing will start to destroy the debris directly above the bars. When enough of this debris above is cleared, the remaining debris start to slide from the right where the TNT at the top-right of the stage and the triggering part of the detonator will finally explode. This will cause the doors to fling open, dropping all the debris and killing the remaining pigs to complete this Golden Egg level. This is not a process where you wait forever hoping for something to suddenly happen, it will be obvious what is happening and points will be racking up at various speeds throughout this time. It took close to 15 minutes of the red balls bouncing around for the horizontal bars to finally swing open and dump the remaining debris down below.

I have knocked the chain off probably half-a-dozen times and triggered the red bouncy balls twice (without having opened the trap door first) in my 90 odd minutes playing this level. The first time I set the bouncy balls off the app kicked me out to the home screen of my device after about 5 minutes of balls bouncing, when I tried to immediately return to the app, it restarted. It seems this update is still a bit unstable on older devices (iPad 2 / iOS 7).

1 bird for 388,710 points.
Mid-390,000 scores are certainly achievable and will happen at some stage.
I’m not sure if there is enough debris in this stage to make a 400,000 score possible.

I don’t think it’s worth my time to chase a higher score on this level, so I’ll pass the challenge over to the rest of you.
Have fun fellow flingers!

@the-krafty-one Quite a long post for a 1-bird strategy. Allow me now to explain – in way too much detail – why this cannot possibly work.

I gave your strategy about an hour but I have played this quite a bit before today. I can consistently hit the tnt as high as possible but stella never travels very far to the right. If you are lucky she will lift the stone boulder out but she has never ever lifted even one of the wooden boulders you mentioned. Even if by some miracle she would reach far enough, I doubt the boulders would move. One time through dumb luck I had the cage break from shifting debris and the rocket explode, but it didn’t drop the chain. It just hung there, still attached to the detonator like it has done so many times before.

Your post makes it seem, perhaps unintentionally. that the chain always falls down when the rocket explodes near it? It has done so exactly once out of maybe 20 times. All the other times it stays attached to the detonator like mentioned earlier, which is then still hanging from one chain. The one time it did fall it didn’t trigger the bouncy balls which would not have mattered anyway because they break after a fixed amount of time. Upon being hit they bounce around for about 10 seconds (I didn’t count) before dissapearing like any other block and giving 500 points, so I don’t understand how they could possibly bounce around for 15 minutes.

My current crappy score is with 2 birds and it’s the only 2-birder I’ve gotten so far. About Once every 15 minutes I get a 3-birder but most times I need all 4. I don’t think your score will ever be beaten, but I have been mistaken before.

@angrychicken …I’m not trying to get in the middle of the discourse that continues below, but I do need to say: your claim that the red bouncy balls always break after a fixed amount of time (as in a matter of seconds), is not always the case. On three occasions I’ve experienced a mysterious shifting of all the clutter above the horizontal doors that somehow triggers the bouncy balls below while the doors are still intact. In these cases the balls do NOT disappear, as long as the horizontal doors remain closed. If I wait long enough, 5 to 15 minutes, the bouncy balls destroy everything down below and eventually hit the trap doors enough times to break them open, allowing the remaining clutter from above to fall through. I haven’t been able to achieve a spectacular score on any of these occasions, but it is fun to watch all the destruction! You say that you have a “crappy score,” well mine is currently not much higher than yours and we’re both still above average, so I don’t see how that can be so “crappy.” After all, this IS just a game, and we really should be having fun with it. There are probably millions of different ways the clutter in this level can shift about to set off any number of chain reactions, which I think makes it that much more irresistible to keep playing!

My earlier message for @angrychicken was mainly addressing the controversial dispute over the bouncy balls, explaining that they do remain active as long as their bouncing takes place while the trap doors are still closed. Shortly after I sent that message, I continued playing this irresistible level, just for the fun of it, and my score went from somewhere around 373,000 to 384,820. While banging away on this level, I’ve discovered that if the first pink bubble bird strikes the line between the two lowest rectangular sand blocks, at precisely the right angle, she will land just deep enough inside the debris after the TNT explodes so I can allow her to activate on her own and her bubbles will gather more of the scraps to create a bigger avalanche. If I’m off even a tiny bit, she tends to bounce back out unless I tap the screen to detonate her bubbles in time for her gather enough rubble to cause a fairly good landslide. I’ve never been able to achieve a one-birder on this level, so for those who have (like @the-krafty-one), I give you much credit and applause! My best scores have come about using two birds, and with the trap doors opening before the red balls begin bouncing. Ergo, those red bouncy balls activating beneath the closed doors, and flying gleefully about for as long as my patience will allow, have yet to produce a good score for me.

@sparkymalarky Thanks for providing some feedback on this. Your comment encouraged me to spend a few more hours on this level. I can confirm that the bouncy balls don’t dissapear as long as the trapdoors remain closed. It happened to me once when the chain knocked the miniscule triangle onto the left ball, which eventually resulted in a 362k 2-birder. Not much later I finally nailed it, again with 2 birds but this time the normal way and funny enough I also went from 373k to 384k. A 1-birder still seems as far out of reach as ever. I’ve never seen the chain drop after the first bird and I never will, because I most definitely will not return to this level.
Here’s the pre-tally screenshot. It’s not a highscore, but I felt like sharing anyway, in case any future players need some motivation. I know I did.

@angrychicken Persistence pays off, that’s certain! I’m really glad you were encouraged by my comments, that was my hope so thank you for replying! Very interesting how similar our scores were as we both kept flinging those bubble birds. I’ve also moved on from this level. The fun wore off when the redundacy factor set in and I knew that I’d never acheive a one-birder on this level. Nice “talking” to you Angry Chicken! =)

jlz-666 says:

Wow @the-krafty-one That was one dedicated walkthrough lol! Congrats on the score and big thank you for actually taking the time to tell me how my score happened. In my defence…the tennis WAS gripping ;)
@angrychicken I’m sorry you think this “cannot possibly work”,why? Mine didn’t take 15 mins,in fact it was less than 5 mins for those balls to bounce the trapdoor down. I tried it again and in less than 20 flings I got the chain to fall and start the balls off. My highest score was 376k. The first bird doesn’t have to go that far in. Actually it’s hard to tell when or where she lifts to be honest as the exploding TNT kinda blocks the view. I applaud Krafty one for getting these tiny details. My iPhone won’t allow this….or my eyes….whatever ;) A good lift will leave a reasonable gap for 2nd. I found that if the rocket gets lifted by 2nd Stella,forget it. You need the rocket to explode further down towards the door.
Yes the high 380’s will be a fantastic 2 bird clearance but isn’t that always the way @angrychicken? Keep at it. It IS possible.

jlz-666 says:

Sorry @admins My bad,forgot to hit reply and continue the thread above.

@jlz-666 Did you even read past the first paragraph? I explained exactly why it’s impossible. Not improbable, not once-in-a-thousand what just happened lucky, but impossible. I have spent more than enough time on this game to know where the line is. I am telling you, there is something drastically different between your level and mine. The high 380’s are definitely possible, but it’s not going to happen with 1 bird and certainly not like described by @the-krafty-one.

jlz-666 says:

That’s kinda rude @angrychicken Yes I did read past the first paragraph. Why wouldn’t I?
How many times has a one birdie happened due to rockets or TNT? If I can get 384k on a 2 birdie,why can’t it be done with 1? You can’t give such a negative view on a level that is 1 month old! That’s not enough play time for that kind of judgement. I’m pretty shocked at your comments to be honest :( Give it time. Someone else will back this up.

@jlz-666 I didn’t mean to be rude, I meant to be direct, because I feel like I’m at a serious disadvantage here. These leaderboards are entirely pointless if there is not an even playing field. It happened in ABF to my great annoyance, it’s happening in several other Angry Birds games if I am to believe the forums and I would hate to see it happen in Seasons as well. I’ve already noticed similar issues in some of the Marie Hamtoinette levels. Issues that can’t be reasonably explained by sheer luck or rockets/tnt. Sure, those can give countless of different results, but that does not always mean they can take out an entire level.

Nobody needs to back you up. I don’t doubt your score, but I would like to hear some feedback from other flingers.

jlz-666 says:

I’m sorry @angrychicken I don’t understand your annoyance. Why is this an uneven playing field? Why are you at a disadvantage? I’m iPhone and you and Krafty are on iPad. We are playing the same game. Are you talking about the levels that have got easier? You have been one of the members that have added to this. Surely you don’t mean because you haven’t got this one,then all high scores are unachievable?

@jlz-666 The levels that got easier don’t have anything to do with this. You are and Krafty seem to be getting these results with relative ease whereas I have not even been close after what I believe to be a decent attempt to reproduce it. If I had any indication whatsoever that it could be done I would not question it. And what is up with those bouncing balls? You can even see in the walkthrough that they disappear after a few seconds.

jlz-666 says:

@angrychicken I don’t know what else to say? Seriously. What you’re suggesting is either a bizarre glitch or untruthful scores. I’m hoping you think the former? I have never ever entered scores that can’t be backed up. If I thought for one minute that this score was beyond reachable I would have said so. It IS doable and I’m sorry that just because you can’t get there in a short time,it makes you feel like you can devalue our efforts. High scores happen. We can’t all get them.
End of…..

jlz-666 says:

This would have been my first port of call @angrychicken if I hadn’t been having issues with my album in the nest. After deleting photos,clearing cache,backing up and hard resetting phone last night I can finally upload new photos. I am no technical wizard (that can be backed up by everyone in here) So there’s no chance I can doctor a photo. Hope this puts an end to your uncertainly?

HunnyBunny says:

@angrychicken take a break. Have a drink / coffee / cigar / long walk
What ever calms you down.
@jlz-666 and you have better things to do than argue over a bloody game..
I’m friends with you both, admire both your flinging skills, why the flock are you both wasting time.
Is it really worth the heartache, the checking back, the spellchecker, oh Lord I’ve been here before, with other players, it’s just not worth it
Have a group huge, with me, please xxx

@hunnybunny I really don’t think you should be posting that here. Your comment will probably be deleted or moderated for bad language.

Mighty Red says:

Watch what you say, @hunnybunny – this is a family-friendly site. I edited your comment.

HunnyBunny says:

Sorry @angrychicken @mighty-red-1
I was just so upset that two of my birdy friends fell out, both of whom I trust, over what is, at the end of the day, a stupid computer game, involving nasty pigs, silly birds and imaginary eggs. For Flocks Sake, we must try to curb our anger and enthusiasm and find something worth actually fighting about

SweetP says:

Thank you for being a long-time friend and valuable contributor to the Nest @hunnybunny.
I know we sometimes get so frustrated and angry like our feathered friends, that our flingers type out words that we regret later on.
Hope all is better today, so please stop by the BP and have a refreshing cool {Admin Edit} drink on my tab!

wrw01 says:

Used three pink birds to chip away on the left side to get the gates to open. Was able to obtain a two bird solution a number of times but the scores were in the 340-350k range. Also got the red bouncing balls to activate with the gates closed which was fun to watch but the scores were also lower. Fun level to fling.

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