Angry Birds Seasons Hogs And Kisses 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1

One strategy for Hogs and Kisses level 1 is to sling two Blue birds into the left heart, destroying the entire top half of it and the pigs within. Fire one or two more into the right heart to finish off the level. The score in the video below is 54,960.

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Comments (58)

By Beccy

can those of you with higher scores please post your method?

By Dragonballz123

Becky here’s the trick you just use their method but your obviously not gonna get da same score I did it in 3 birds

By robin

56,120 3 birds same as video, just keep trying good luck

By Mommybradley

Anyone know what score gets 3 stars? I have 51830 and still 2 stars. Frustrating

Rank: Sling God with 36820 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 56,000

Head to our scores page (almanac) and scroll down to Hogs & Kisses to find the minimum 3 star score for this and every other level.

By Beaky34119

Can someone PLEASE publish and actual walkthrough?? I’ve watched this video about a million times and I just can’t get it because it goes so fast!! I’m getting very frustrated about this. Someone help!

By Omar


I just launched the birds when they got closer to the glass and it worked.

Rank: Slinger with 1095 points
By DaemonNinja (@daemonninja)Score: 60,470

60470. Similar method to the video. Only took 3 birds. Luck over judgement, I reckon…

By Whitney

Video isn’t playing

Rank: Sling God with 36820 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 56,000

It’s working fine for me. What type of device are you using?

By Jackie

Video isn’t working on my iPad.

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 56,660

Try clicking on the “YouTube” logo in the bottom right of the player. Thanks for the heads up.

Rank: Sling God with 36820 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 56,000

I just tested on my iPad and it seems to be working for me. Might try reloading as well.

By Maiasatara

Tired of this one. If the first glass emptied then the pig in the center doesn’t clear. If that clears, not enough glass in the first martini glass breaks. Bored to tears. Just a few here and a few Christmas to be all3-stars…

By Charles J. Baserap

I have an honest question? Is this different from the Droid? Because it seems on every video your birds destroy more, have better bombs, etc. I’ve done this 50 times and it NEVER breaks the glass the way the video does. What gives?

Rank: Master Slinger with 7205 points
By TruckDriver (@truckdriver)Score: 58,270


Being an Android user myself, I often thought the same thing. However, when you get down to cases, the heart of AB is a physics engine, and what’s important are initial conditions, then variables like speed, angle of impact, bird properties, material densities, etc.

Proper programming would suggest that those values, encoded into the program, should be exactly the same, regardless of the platform being ported into, independent of the development platform, else you’re building in an automatic bias, which is inherently unfair.

Then there are those things that the developers cannot control, which can be device specific, like configuration and memory utilization.

That’s why it’s necessary, at times , to vary slightly, those shots you see in the walkthrough videos. I’ve often found that minute variations can sometimes make an enormous difference.

Still, every once in a while, that old paranoid thought drifts back into my mind, when dealing with a level that has me frustrated to the hilt, but that’s just flustered emotionalism coming to the fore, when I seem to not be making progress.

Rank: Flinger with 35 points
By WereWolf69 (@werewolf69)Score: 55,880

@TruckDriver, I see you’re a Philosopher as well as a computer genius, any other hidden talents?

Rank: Master Slinger with 7205 points
By TruckDriver (@truckdriver)Score: 58,270

Yeah, there’s a few. Most have to do with various construction trades. Then there’s my uncanny ability for saving useless junk…. :-)

Rank: Master Slinger with 6825 points
By Sck2DthofU (@dronnord)Score: 58,280

Yeh..what @truckdriver said…I have often found that if I cannot break a score on my Ipad mini I use my Android phone.Its brand new so it has a faster processor and guicker memory. BUT its a much smaller screen. All that being said..I am still frustrated enuf I want to throw them both into a well


By Michael Yoni

Can someone please tell me what the absolulte maximum score is then. Not that I distrust the results posted (here and at other places) but it would be good to know what the absolute maximum points per level is.


Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 56,660

Thats not really calculable.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16235 points
By burbman (@burbman)Score: 57,770

You never really know what the highest possible score is. Seems someone is always upping the ante.

By Michael Yoni

Not totally convinced as each time you crash into something there are points allocated. So with that in mind the programmers must allocate points to various events etc. So there must be a maximum points score.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8570 points
By Kartflyer (@kartflyer)Score: 59,950

Not exactly, you need a certain amount of strength to get points from hitting an item. You can’t calculate the exact max points that could be obtained.

By michael yoni

So how do the programmers allocate the points then if its “random”. So what you are saying then is every game/level has an infinite points then…. Meaning nothing stopping me claiming a top score which is a 100 points above the leading scorer each time and then saying it was true and I did not store or record that event. Can you see my point.

By michael yoni

In addition, kartflyer, what is the points formulae then, if what you say is correct then there must be a formulae based on the speed and damage etc.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8570 points
By Kartflyer (@kartflyer)Score: 59,950

You’d better ask Rovio, we have no idea how the game is programmed and at what formulas the amount of points are given.

And for your reply above, there is randomness in the game, yes, but it is not infinite. There could be a “max” number of points you could obtain in a level, but no one, not even Rovio, has bothered finding it out because it would cause lots of effort on something not essentially required.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7205 points
By TruckDriver (@truckdriver)Score: 58,270

Well, if you were up to a daunting task of the irrelevant, you could, theoretically, start to precalculate such a figure as a levels maximum point value, at least in part. After all, each level has its own specific number of individual elements. Each element has its own point value for: a)damage, b)destruction, and c)strength of impact. Further, each element accrues points by making contact with other elements before being hit, damaged, then finally, destroyed, and all impacts accrue points.

The sticking point is that we, the bird-flinging public, are not privy to the program’s specific method of point counting, but I’m sure, if one was willing to expend the effort, one could at least extrapolate a rough maximum, but as you’ve already noted, there would be little point to such an exercise.

However, the anarcho-libertarian streak in me would say that if you wanted to attempt such, my reply would be “knock your socks off!”

Rank: Explosive with 2250 points
By mabilica (@mabilica)Score: 53,650


Rank: Explosive with 2105 points
By chimichangachick (@mecstaveler)Score: 54,960

@truckdriver I know this is an old post, but I still enjoy reading your comments. This one made me dizzy! I like how you are obviously very intelligent, but only bring out the big guns when it seems necessary. And, you use a refreshing, light hearted tone that makes me smile! Rarely do I come close to understanding what you’re saying, I’m just not that smart, but I do agree, it’s not a plot against android users. I do, however, slip into that mode of thinking when feeling extremely incompetent playing a level. Fact is, others are better at this than I am, and I can learn from them. I found that zooming in helped me see where I needed to split the birds. I three starred almost immediately after that. And, I did it just like the video. Wonder of wonders. ;-)

Rank: Master Slinger with 7205 points
By TruckDriver (@truckdriver)Score: 58,270

Yeah, @chimichangachick, I hear ya, and thanks for the kind words. It’s truly amazing what one can accomplish when one applies themselves. For me, it’s all about being gung ho, and “full speed ahead,” at least publicly. Things like self doubts, self deprecation and self criticism are not a part of my public persona, as it’s my experience that such qualities have only introspective value, and if taken to extremes leads to personal paralysis and stagnation. So, be who and what you are loudly, and with style, keeping all else tightly private!

As for my writing style, well, one could say that it derives from a certain degree of innate intelligence mixed with a number of other factors like 12 years of Catholic school, healthy portions of cynicism and snark, finely honed observational skills, and 40+ years of voraciously reading anything I could get my grubby hands on, regardless of subject!

By g

I can NEVER view the videos on my fire … any suggestions?

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 56,660

Probably ask a Kindle tech why embedded YouTube videos are unviewable. Sounds like a device issue.

By bird addict

Score 57710 If you’re still struggling with this level try this. Shoot three birds at the left heart structure using the same trajectory each time. Aim high enough to clear the heart platform, but not so high that any birds fly over the heart. Wait until your bird is close to the structure before splitting. It’s not imperative to kill both pigs in the left most structure with the first shot. I couldn’t get enough damage using the video method but this will take out a lot of glass as well as all the pigs. And hopefully relieve a lot of frustration for, as Truck Driver put it, “the bird-flinging public”.

Rank: Boss Hog with 13495 points
By Bird Maniac (@earthbound)Score: 63,890

Many Thanks – improved my score by 2K!!

Rank: Sling God with 25955 points
By SweetP (@sweetp)Score: 59,790

Revisiting H&K to improve my scores and @bird-addict‘s method still works the best! Increased by 3K after about a dozen tries.

By Michael

My android phone can’t view youtube, and I don’t bother trying to fix it. However, that means that I can’t view your video strategy on levels like this. That’s weird, because seasons greedings before this has written strategies that I can use without the video. If possible, could you write out what happens in the video?

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 56,660

We were making our way through and it got put on the back-burner. Sorry, it’s not something that will be done in the super-near-future.

By Michael

Will you guys ever make it at all?

By Michael

Sorry about that, I’m not a troll, my computer is just slow.

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 56,660

Yes I will eventually return to this. But not in the next weeks or anything. Bigger ventures at the moment.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8570 points
By Kartflyer (@kartflyer)Score: 59,950

It will be done, just probably not soon.

First bird should be launched at the first heart, splitting as late as possible. Same with the second bird, but make sure the middle pig has popped in the shot. Use 3rd and 4th birds to do the same thing, but this time, at the second heart.

Rank: Sling God with 67350 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 58,610

Very good description of the strategy Kartflyer. Activating the Blue Birds as late as possible and keeping a low trajectory seems to be the keys for an above average score. Obtaining 30k+ with the second BB is also a must for a higher score. Used three BBs for this score.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9940 points
By kimmiecv (@kimmiecv)Score: 59,700

I ended up using the same strat as kartflyer, only I used 3 birds, I couldn’t get the 4th bird to do enough damage to make it worth while losing the 10k for the extra bird. I also agree with wrw01, getting as close to or over 30k after the 2nd bird is what always tipped me over the 56+k mark at the end.

By luvbnmomy

GRRR i dislike it when they don’t write out the method becuz most of the time the videos don’t play right for me. Please help! :-)

Rank: Pig Leader with 11120 points
By thetoddman23 (@thetoddman23)Score: 59,190

Shoot the first two birds at a lower arc and split right before you get to the left side of the first heart, next two birds also shoot at a low arc and split right before you get to the left side of the second heart. Sometimes you will not need the fourth bird on the second heart.

Rank: Sling God with 44545 points
By karen68 (@karen68)Score: 61,320

Kartflyer’s description right above is pretty accurate as to what you should do. All birds go on basically the same trajectory, & you do have to pop the pg in the middle with your 2nd shot, something which is sometimes tricky, I’ve had debris & birds fall on it & all it does is bruise.
Good luck.

By luvbnmomy

Awesome! Thanks a bunch! Hey, how do you post your score next to your name in here?

Rank: Pig Leader with 11120 points
By thetoddman23 (@thetoddman23)Score: 59,190

Once you input your score on the leaderboards it will show up next to your name when you comment.

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 56,660

We are hoping to finish adding text, but it’s a long and tedious process.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5510 points
By pianistrevor (@tnatiuk17piano)Score: 59,350

Thanks for the great video! I have 3 stars already but I have 80000 points at least to go for score addict. This will probably help improve my score another… 5000 points, maybe?

Rank: Master Slinger with 6640 points
By E-Star (@e-star)Score: 58,760

I shot the blue bird with a high arc, splitting it after it descends, breaking both hearts and the middle pig. Second blue bird the same arc and same point of splitting, all Pig killed, 2 birds left and I got a score of 58760.

Here is my video!

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7875 points
By Vicketok (@vicketok)Score: 61,180

I have not read the comments sorry – but I used the videos strategy.
Hard one to do – many tries :-)….
I suppose with more good luck you can get about 63k more or less with that strategy….
Here is my picture – Playing on PS3 and had to take the photo with my Ipad of the TV-screen – hope thats ok?….

Rank: Sling God with 32920 points
By HunnyBunny (@hunnybunny)Score: 61,950

I didn’t play the challenge today. I played this level recently and got a top ten place, which was enough. Out of interest any comments from other challenge players on whether they like the really hard ones, like this, or easy ABO, where 10+ puppies get awarded?

Rank: Sling God with 20685 points
By Angrychicken (@angrychicken)Score: 59,680

@hunnybunny I will always play the challenge if it is very easy, like with the recent Poached Eggs 1-16, but generally I just play if I like the level. I didn’t like today’s so I didn’t play.

Would also like to hear other people’s opinions.

Rank: Boss Hog with 13975 points
By burry (@furry)Score: 58,120

I play the daily challenge for ABO, Rio and Seasons. I play to increase my score. It’s an added bonus to get in the top 50. If already in the top 50, just nice moving up. Wish they would mix it up more. Seems to repeat some same levels. A few times it has been a glitch level, then I don’t waste my time.

Rank: Boss Hog with 13250 points
By Maiasatara (@maiasatara)Score: 57,270

Hi @angrychicken – here’s my 2 cents about challenges…
If I have the time I always at least attempt the challenge level. I’ll give it about 10-15 minutes to determine whether I love it or hate it. I prefer those levels where I’m still below average because I figure I’ve got a good shot to improve. If I see ANY consistent improvement (even if it’s only a few hundred at a time) I will keep at it. If it’s boring or only has one solution that is six birds long or I can’t even come within 5,000 of my current score, I usually stop trying. I HATE when glitch levels, for which the glitch has been corrected, appear as a challenge. Especially because there’s no correction for the skewed average or no creation of a second, post glitch average. For the record, I didn’t love this level though I managed to add 3k to my score. In scrolling through I saw I left a comment here a while back. I used the words, “Bored to tears.” Yep. That about says it!

Rank: Boss Hog with 13250 points
By Maiasatara (@maiasatara)Score: 57,270

Oh – and I’m very competitive so if I’m creeping up on a puppy I will fight like crazy. I have 2 and I think in both circumstances I was very lucky and set a new high. I’m scared to check because I don’t want to see someone has gone back to take one of my first place finishes away! I HAD three legit and one or two group #1’s.

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