Angry Birds Seasons Ham Dunk Update Out Now!

Prepare to dribble, shoot and score BIG in this brand new episode! Angry Birds Seasons Ham Dunk (v4.2.0) is now available for iOS and Android via Google Play, with more platforms coming soon!

This update comes with a huge amount of content, so let’s get going!

This update includes:

  • 15 new levels situated on the glossy court! Our walkthroughs will be live soon to help you out.
  • 30 bonus levels, one for each team in the NBA. (Go Celtics!) These levels can be unlocked via a $0.99 USD in-app purchase.
  • New Golden Eggs! There are two hidden in-game (please don’t say here — some people might want to find ’em themselves) and the Big Basketball level unlocks by 3-starring all 15 “normal” levels. (You don’t need to unlock or 3-star the NBA levels to unlock the Big Basketball level.)
  • Pig Days! 9 more levels added to the “Coming Soon” list! For a complete listing of which levels are released when, see our Pig Days Guide.
  • Mighty Eagle Makeover! Instead of using the classic Mighty Eagle, unleash the furry of the Mighty… Spalding Basketball?
  • No new achievements for iOS, which is expected since the SD version is completely full and the HD version only has 4 points available.
  • Slam Dunk Bonus! Each bird or basketball which falls through the hoop counts — no, not for 3 points — but for a whopping 5,000 points!

A few other minor additions and changes. The “Shockwave” Power Up from the original Angry Birds has made its way over to Seasons. This can be used to replace the active bird in the slingshot, or once after all birds have been flung — similar to the Wingman in Angry Birds Friends. Just a friendly reminder the scores obtained using Power Ups are not permitted on our Leaderboards. And of course, the new app icon is sweet!

Helpful links and notes:

  • Ham Dunk 3-star walkthroughs are live soon.
  • Ham Dunk Total Destruction walkthroughs will take more time. Check out our other videos in case you get stuck; we have most levels of Seasons, and all levels released over the past year or so.
  • The leaderboards will be live very soon. Remember that scores obtained with Power Ups are not permitted on our leaderboards.
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    Comments (81)

    Mark B says:

    For some reason I can not unlock the bonus 30 levels. Anyone else having this issue?

    loid says:

    Yes, I have the same problem – it won;t connect to the app store to mske the purchase.

    MVNLA2 says:

    No problem unlocking the bonus levels. Not only did they unlock, but all the regular levels unlocked without my having to complete any!
    I’m all for Rovio charging $0.99 for extra levels. Much rather pay for extra levels than play a game with lots of PUs and/or makes it very difficult to compete without spending lots of money, which I refuse to do.
    Thanks Rovio!

    Joey says:

    I can’t unlock them also!!
    It keeps loading but nothing happens on IOS

    For me it took about 5 minutes before the levels were unlocked.

    dmsral says:

    I agree @mvnla2, the level upgrade is good way to get a little extra money out of me.

    When I entered my iTunes password, the app crashed but when I reloaded it, everything was unlocked.

    JIm says:

    I am having the same problem. I’ve never before had problems with any iOS in-app purchases.

    Dr. Omega says:

    It asked for my password, but the keyboard was stuck to the side. I managed to get the password entered, but not easily. Then it unlocked in seconds..

    JIm says:

    I am running iOS 8.0.2 on iPhone 6. I am having the same problem. I get the spinning wheel and “Oops! We couldn’t connect to the shop. Please make sure that you’re connected to the internet and you’ve enabled your purchase account.” I definitely am connected to the internet. I guess it’s possible that I need to do something more to “enable my purchase account.” But I don’t know what that would be. I’ve never had this problem before.

    ToucanB83 says:

    I’ve been having the same problem. My App Store on my iphone 5 is working fine and my in-app purchases are turned on within seasons. Tried all day and the loading wheel keeps on spinning. Restart iphone and still nothing. I want to ask other iphone users that have gotten the NBA pass if they have updated to the latest 8.0 and if perhaps that what I have to do first. Any help is appreciated.

    @bowserm @joeyba @killerb83

    I would recommend opening the AppStore, logging out of your Apple Account manually (I think it’s under the Featured tab, in the bottom-left corner), then logging back in.

    I’m looking around for other reports of “failure then success” to try to gather more info. For future reference and to keep this organized, please head over the the Forum Thread started by @laurafj.


    ToucanB83 says:

    Will do. Appreciate the quick response slim! I’ll also take a look at the help forum thread and post any new information I gather. Thanks!!

    Joey says:

    @amslimfordy i did try all that but nothing is working! Weird. Been all day this way..

    Mike Staver says:

    I’m having the same problem. Ever since the update, I’m unable to guy things, such as the new NBA teams levels. I know it’s not my app store login info, because other apps work perfectly fine.

    Joey says:

    Oct 11 th : still can’t buy the 30 levels!!
    Help!.. anyone?

    sal9 says:

    @joeyba Try to manually log out from your WiFi, the Appstore and GameCenter – then clear multitask bar – reboot. And log back in. If that doesn’t work, contact Apple customer support.

    Joey says:

    I tried everything but not working, mailed Rovio and waiting for an answer..

    Simonty says:

    I’m having the same problem on my iPad 2: “Can’t find iTunes account”. Or” oops unable to go to shop, check internet connection, etc” iTunes def correct, internet connection def on. Frustrating.

    yrer says:

    Same problem, can’t fix it

    moro says:

    the NBA levels still unlockable… any news ? on the screen the wheel swirling and if you click “oops! we couldn’t connect to the shop…”

    geirh61 says:

    I have now solved the problem for the moment by using a solution I think I read somewhere else here in the nest.

    After a backup I deleted all the files in the document folder on my iPhone.
    I then played the first level before I jumped to the NBA Western levels. Now
    I was able to access the AppStore and buy the expansion.
    After copying the highscore.lua from the backup it all seems to work fine.

    Further more i would like to add that it is a little bit annoying that every level starts with the “Brought to you by NBA” message … I know it by now ….

    Joey says:

    but r we sure this solution won’t mess up some stuff in the games? Once it happened to me, and some eggs levels vanished from some levels. I don’t want to lose stuff. Think i’ll just wait for news from Rovio (already 4 days and no reply to my mail yet)

    Chris says:

    @amslimfordy: the 3 screenshots below the helpful links are from the last update.

    mcc8206 says:

    Really impressed with how quickly ABN gets these walkthroughs up – do you stay up all night? Thanks!

    @amslimfordy The price for the 30 levels on Google Play is $1.99. I just purchased them. Still a bargain for the fun we get.

    Josm says:

    yeah its $1 more expensive on android

    Josm says:

    because there is a Mighty ball in that package if you dont bought ME yet

    AEX10 says:

    Hate to say this but…
    Rovio is geting greedy :(

    MVNLA2 says:

    @aex10 — I wouldn’t say Rovio is getting greedy. I think this is a good thing. I paid my extra $1 a long time ago to get ME in Seasons (plus $1 for every other game with unlimited use ME). I would much rather pay an extra dollar for some extra levels that I enjoy than suffer playing games that are difficult unless you want to pay $50 or $100, which I refuse to do.
    I think Rovio is discovering that expensive IAPs are not the way to go, and are going back to the old model, with free updates along with a small extra cost for special levels.

    curtisa says:

    Well…considering you get spammed with basically an NBA and Spalding ad for EVERY LEVEL I would think they should make them available to the players for free. The advertising revenue from NBA/Spalding should more than pay for the development costs. Note that when a level ends, you have to wait and watch the NBA logo for a few extra seconds – to me this is basically spam inside a game.
    The games are entertaining, I freely admit that I like them and did pay my $1 but it rubs me the wrong way that we have to be inundated with advertising for everything.

    aquanne says:

    I agree curtisa.
    It is not okay that Roviio charges extra money to play levels In a game we have already paid for once and furthermore spams us with those adds for NBA/spalding. I feel betrayed. When I bought AB seasons Game, The games description In the app-store said that I would not be spammed with adds and I paid for future updates. Now I am forced to pay extra ANd disabeling the adds is not possible. In my country we actually have laws against that.
    Its not about that dollar we each are forced to pay to open those NBA levels. Its about the big picture: That one or two extra dollar from milllions of players world wide gives Rovio an astronomic profit in addition to the profit Rovio has already made from us who have purchased the game. Rovio is practising More Wants More. and that is the definition of greed

    sal9 says:

    99 cents is certainly not greedy @aex10

    Matthew says:

    The extra dollar is for the ME, which is being included with the NBA levels and MSB as part of a “Season Pass” if you haven’t bought the ME before.
    As for MSB, maybe you could call it “Mighty Game Ball”, since each level is set up like a basketball game.
    The Flag levels (11 through 15) probably involve the NBA Global Series. Care to confirm and comment once this is confirmed?
    New Pig Days level coming very soon!

    The name “Mighty Spalding” comes from Rovio’s video. We aren’t changing it.

    I’m not sure what you’re looking to confirm.

    PJng says:

    what the downloading contain for? on upper right screen.

    Sometime while playing it give free PU.

    Josm says:

    Its like the assets in absw II, just sounds and other stuff downloading

    mikroll79 says:

    This message (downloading contain) is still here after one hour of playing game
    How many time downloading ?

    BBinMiami says:

    Let’s go HEAT!
    Seriously can’t wait to see the 305’s level!

    Rowdypup says:

    @bbinmiami im going for the Thunder!! WOO HOO!!

    PS: Im glad that they added Shockwave Bomb from Angry Birds (original) :)

    mededitor says:

    Well, pooh! Not to be a downer, but I was SO hoping for another Halloween episode this fall! They are so much fun. I’ve resorted to playing all 3 years’ episodes by date and number. So today, 10/9, I’ve played all the #9s in Haunted Hogs, Hamoween, and Trick or Treat. Keep up the great work, though, AMslimfordy. Love the site.

    Josm says:

    there will be an pig days level about halloween. And we will probably see an christmas episode, as that is when the pig days coming soon board begins ~

    Dr. Omega says:

    Friends might have a Halloween tournament too..

    Josm says:

    @dr-omega i hope so, and i hope for an set of new levels in the halloween episode in bad piggies

    upsidown says:

    Hmmm, I wonder how this will work when PC updates…..will we get the bonus 30 levels as part of the package. PC doesn’t do transactions.

    leggy says:

    Whilst a fun episode, I’m rather diappointed by the fact that we’re expected to pay for 30/45 levels. What might seem like a bargain to some, is a loaf of bread to those on a tight budget. :(

    At 7am the extra levels were .99 on itunes. But when I went to purchase them at 11am they had gone to $1.99. Anyone else see this on itunes? Definitely weren’t .99 for me when I went to buy.

    Chris says:

    I bought them for .99

    If you don´t have the ME unlocked it will cost $1.99

    DonSleza4e says:

    Well, I never spent money on games. So I will skip those 30 levels…

    These 15 levels were a lot of fun. I hadn’t noticed there were additional levels for a cost?? I had to re-charge the tablet, but all I remember was “Coming Soon”….obviously I missed something!!

    Mike says:

    I’d be fine with paying a buck for 30 levels but not when its already so clearly subsidized by the NBA and Spalding. No thanks this time Rovio :-(

    Awesome update, laughed out loud with the Mighty Spalding Ball! Wonder if Rovio will ever release an NFL version!

    Rowdypup says:

    @earthbound there IS an NFL Mighty Eagle, it’s in a Angry Birds game called “Angry Birds Philidelphia Eagles”, but it’s only for computer

    Thanks for that @rowdypup I missed that release – I was thinking along the same lines as this NBA release – 15 levels & then NFL teams split AFC & NFC with the Mighty Wilson Football!!

    Then we could go down the NHL route & then ……… (fill in the gaps!) who knows!

    Dr. Omega says:

    They did have a deal with the Philly Eagles a while back..

    And they are the official mascot of NHL (well.. Hockeybird is..)

    So, anything is possible!

    Rowdypup says:

    I like that when a (any) bird hits the ground it makes the noise that squeaky shoes make on the basketball court, cool Easter Egg Rovio! :)

    cconley777 says:

    Having a similar but slightly different problem with the HD bonus levels on my mini iPad . I purchased the bonus on my oldest iPad stuck on iOS 5 with no problems. When I played on my iPad mini — they should have already been unlocked but I am getting the ‘not connected to the internet message for the last 4-5 hours.
    Is this the same bug? Has anyone finally gotten thru?

    mikroll79 says:

    Is the free gift give extra points like in ABrio ?

    MVNLA2 says:

    @admins — I assume you will be adding leaderboards for the NBA pass? Where will they be?
    Also, the golden eggs don’t seem to have been added. I’ve been looking at my leaderboard, maybe I need to clear cache, etc?
    @Amslimfordy — The dyed in the wool Celtics fan in our house says there’s no hope for the Celtics this year, maybe next. Not to mention there is only 1 preseason and 1 regular season on TV.

    Its almost 24 hours later and still no level 3 scoreboard. I’m not interested in the walk throughs yet, just a place to post my scores.

    dobie77 says:

    Are the new AB updates now only good with the most up-to-date iOS? I bought all the AB games pre-Go on a 1st gen iPad, and the latest SWII update and now this update give me a black screen for about a second (like it’s opening) before flicking back to the icon screen. Frustrating.

    According to the AppStore, compatibility requires iOS 4.3+. If you are experiencing issues with recent updates, you should contact Rovio directly with device information.

    Jasonii says:

    @amslimfordy Actually, the minimum requirement for iOS version is iOS 5.X or newer with the newest updates. We are working on fixing this issue with App Store.

    I’m not a big fan of this update. It feels like something out of an online promo or ABF… The NBA logos are horribly overbearing. My biggest problem with the update, though, is that some of the 30 bonus levels are practically unplayable. The logos, background/foregound graphics, and insane amount of details make it so I can’t really see what’s going on or where pieces are on the level. They need to dial back on the background graphics and more so the NBA logo placement. Seriously, we get who the sponsor is.

    @spacemaster, very well stated, my sentiments also. Looks like someone in the NBA marketing group got carried away. Rovio has to remember that ultimately its about gamers, not sponsors. No gamers, no sponsors.

    wrw01 says:

    WOW what a great update. Played the first 30 levels and working my way through the last 15. The game play is fun, there is going to be a lot of variation in the scores with basketballs and birds going through the hoops for extra points and the graphics and backs are just what the “doctor ordered”, pigs, signs, lights, fireworks, etc. Almost like a real NBA game.

    Nice work at play Rovio, thanks!!!

    justpast40 says:

    I’m confused about this additional purchase, even after reading these comments.

    The ABN post indicates it’s $ .99, but when I tried to buy it just now for my iPad, it’s $ 1.99. Has the price changed since yesterday?

    I haven’t purchased the ME for any of my iPad AB, if I had the ME, would the price to unlock these levels be $ .99?

    Brigitte barnes says:

    When go into Seasons app after updating to Ham Dunk, the app closes if I go to play Pig Days. Unlocked theclatest Pig Days episofe earlier, now can’t get into it to play..

    seasider says:

    I have also lost Pig Days since the Ham Dunk update. I am using an Android tablet and everything is usually fine but now trying to open Pig Days just closes Seasons completely. (This is the first time I have written but have been wanting to do so for some time to say how much I appreciate everything you do; without your support and walkthroughs I would have stopped playing a long time ago. Now I am working through everything again to improve my scores!) Hope you can help me get Pig Days back and thank you fir everything you do.

    seasider says:

    And of course I should have had more patience…….I have come back in after writing and it seems to have sorted itself out, hopefully it will last. Thank you everyone at Bird’s Nest for being there.

    Josm says:

    @AMslimfordy IGN: ‘More content is expected to release “later in the season.”

    faire says:

    $0.99 USD! The levels are $2.49 in Australia! Currency conversion is one thing but 150% Australia tax is not cool Rovio, not cool at all.

    Red says:

    Nice an update for seasons. Hope this isn’t the last update for this season, I’m sure a lot of people want more than 3 updates in a season.

    Chris says:

    Since a Halloween or a Christmas update would already count for the next season (as always; only Rovio knows why), there won’t be more than 3 updates in this season anyway.

    Chucky says:

    Any update in relation to:

    “Ham Dunk Total Destruction walkthroughs will take more time”

    I only ask as I am having an extreme amount of difficulty with:

    Istanbul, Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics & Miami Heat.

    butters says:

    I find these levels to be the most challenging yet! Lots of fun but frustrating at the same time!

    Chris says:

    On iOS, the meter which indicates your worldwide position does not work any more since this episode came out. I wonder why nobody mentioned this bug before. And I wonder why this was not fixed with the v4.2.1 update.

    What was this v4.2.1 update about? Unfortunately the Mighty Eagle threshold for Ham Dunk level 1-12 is still the same and too difficult.

    Ever since this episode update I cant startup the game. It stays in the loading screen. I can of course remove the game from my phone en download it again, but I have everything on 3stars and don’t want to play every level again. Does anyone have this same problem and know a solution?

    My phone is HTC One X 32gb with 4.2.2

    sal9 says:

    I don’t have an android, so I can’t help you with your problem.

    But … if you plan to re-install your app, there is a way to back up your progress.
    We have a tutorial here:

    Rowdypup says:

    I wish that I could help you @ronald-seltonrijch, but I play on Ipad Mini

    I would try contacting Rovio support if I were you

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