Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom Level 1-6 Walkthrough

There are two strategies for Cherry Blossom level 1-6. One is the obvious left-to-right method, firing a Yellow bird into the first structure, a Blue bird into the second, and a Yellow bird into the top-right TNT. This is very consistent, but challenging to reach the 3-star threshold. The advanced method is to loft the first Yellow bird into the wooden support next to the TNT. Of course, detonating the TNT is ideal, but not ultimately necessary.

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 106,310

As stated above, by many, first bird into the right side tnt box. This strategy was successful in obtaining an above average score. The challenge was, which I had no success, to break the third horizontal glass plank for the big scores. Broke the first two but the stone planks could not make through the third.
Used the seat of the yellow bird and the waiting bird below for aiming of the first bird for the best arc. Activated yellow bird at times very close to the tnt and sometimes above the structure on the left of the tnt.

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