Angry Birds Rio Melon Walkthrough Level 20 (6-5)

This video shows you how to get the hidden melon in level 20 (6-5). The 2nd tuft of grass is labeled. The melon appears, WELL protected, in the trough opposite the beach balls. Thus, with your first shot, take out the suspended sand in front. This will clear alot of structure while making the melon appear. From there, just try to plow you way through.

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    By Sharkbait

    Also you can use blu and jewel with a high arc to take out some structure, then use the white bird to make the monkey fall. From there just hit the first patch of grass with the label and you just nabbed this fruit.

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    By Kathy (@kathy)

    Took a little time…but not to bad just kept following video.:) omly 2 more to go I think

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    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    I did it as the ABN video for this level. The key for me was to take some of structure down with the blue bird. This opens the middle for the white bird. Interesting level the melon was really hidden.

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