Angry Birds POP! Levels 746 to 765 – Road Of Wisdom Walkthroughs

In Part 91 of our Angry Birds POP! video walkthrough series we play through the levels of Road Of Wisdom (746 through 765).

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    By Jesi

    best angry birds nest!!!!

    By trusty

    I’ve been worried about gale since stella season 2 episode 13. it seemed like she got afraid of the golden egg since she got turned to gold. what will gale do now?

    By PhoenixKev

    I guess Gale will just cause different havoc on the island

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    By Redsten5678 (@redsten5678)

    Awesome walkthrough. Level 765 too hard for me.. But nice video! :D

    By Petridis Marios

    Level 765 In video starts with 35 Ball but In game starts with 10 Ball only.

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