Angry Birds Motion Comic Part 2: Weapon of Mass Destruction

Below is the second installment of cool fan-made Angry Birds motion comic titled, “Weapon of Mass Destruction”. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Part 1 first.

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By razlopa (@razlopa)

ohh its so cool i wan’t to see the next video

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By wanda (@wanda)

This was great. The brainwashing scene reminded me of Lost-the room where the Others would reprogram people!-and I loved the “crazy” look in the yellow bird’s eyes! Very clever and talented creators.

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By 411connor (@411connor)

The brainwashing scene is a direct reference from A Clockwork Orange.

By tentacles

Very nice. My question is: where are Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, and the Mighty Eagle? I laughed when I saw the slingshot scene. Poor Yellow Bird. Hope he snaps out of it.

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By chenken (@chenken)

Blue, White and Black Bird found a new weapon: The Slingshot. The Angry Birds have to tell Yellow Bird that he is one of them as friends and the Green Pigs are his emeimes.

By franco almiron

What happens in part 3? Will red will recapture the yellow bird from his brainwashed?

By an angry bird

that man is genius!

By marabou

There is a new comic of AB. Seems like every day will come one page to it.

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By mariokart.cruz (@mariokart-cruz)

Yeah, I just noticed that as soon as I got home from school. I checked the Angry Birds fan page and then looked at the first post

By Kyle Martin Villagen

pigs brainwashing yellow bird

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By Wesley wong (@wesley-wong)

I think in part 3 the yellow bird becomes good again

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By SMandRB (@smandrb)

LOL I guess the birds use a video with cutebirds with sparkling eyes

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Just watched Part 1 and Part 2 of this fan made video. Very enjoyable and impressive work from an indivdual. Worth the 4 minutes.
The sound separation between the speakers was just outstanding.
Have not heard anything like that since 4-channel.

By rylee

oh The pigs are cute with blue eyes,pink bruses on there cheeks lived in a bubble background makes chuck’s eyes green

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