Angry Birds Holiday Videos: Santamental Me & Piggy Tales Snowed Up

Happy holidays from our Nest to yours! Enjoy two great holiday videos from Rovio. First up is their annual holiday music video, “Santamental Me”. The star is everyone’s favorite bird, Terence. After that is the 28th episode of Piggy Tales: Snowed Up. Enjoy!

Santamental Me

Welcome in the festive season with Terence, the most vocal of all the Angry Birds. He isn’t all stoney faced and indifferent grunts, he’s got a soft side in there too. Somewhere… Really! You can even pick up on an intense holiday spirit if you read his subtle facial gestures closely. You might even say he has a… Santa-mental side.

Piggy Tales – Snowed Up (Episode 28)

Yes, even our favorite porky friends celebrate this festive season by frolicking around in the snow. Just don’t confuse the frosty white stuff with ice-cream.

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Comments (3)

By Fayaz

What about joy to the pig?

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By Ben (@angrybirdsrules)

Both hilarious videos! Rovio, you outdone yourself!

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By AngryBirdsMaster2 (@abmaster2)

I don’t really cry easily, but seeing those piggies help Terence make his Christmas wish come true was a real tearjerker.
Happy holidays, everyone!

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