Angry Birds Golden Egg Star Walkthrough Level 7 -

This puzzle level, otherwise known as Angry Birds Radio is pretty neat. To get the star press any two buttons simultaneously.

Solution for PC and Mac Users (thanks, Diana and Wanda!):

  • Click on the 3rd lever to here the bird sound
  • Click and hold on the dial and turn it clockwise SLOWLY until the needle is between the 3rd & 4th lines
  • Once there release, both 3rd and 4th lever will be in down position

* Note, the first part of the video shows you where to find the Golden Egg. The second part contains the walkthrough to unlock the Star. Video by FujiToast.

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By wanda baker

I don’t quite understand the instructions for pc users. I got the star on my phone, but I can’t get it on my netbook. What do you mean by “hold the click” and rotate between the 3rd and 4th frequency? Thanks.

By Le

that means you have to spin the button

By LaLa

How can you rotate the frequency command if you hold the click?

By gosia

you have to click the button and move the mouse around holding the click. stop in the middle between the 3rd and 4th

By Diane

I simply can’t make the dial turn when I place the cursor on it. I press down the third lever, holding the click I move to the round dial on the left and try to turn it to the right and it keeps moving back. The vertical indicator doesn’t move, it stays on the third line. What am I missing?

By Diane

Ok. I figured it out for a PC. You click on the third lever so you hear bird sounds. THEN you click on the round button on the upper left and, holding the click, make widening circles even outside the diameter of the button to cause the needle to move to the right on the dial. Finally!

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

Thanks, Diane! We’ll update the guide with this info.

By Diane

My pleasure. Thank YOU for the great walk-throughs. They’ve been a tremendous help.

By wanda

Ok, still can’t complete this level. I followed Diane’s advice- clicked the third button and then held the click on the dial and moved in circles. The red bird begin to move up and down, then nothing. If anyone can upload a video, it may help. I just cannot figure this out.

By wanda

Never mind, just tried again and got it! Once the dial moves to the midpoint between the third and fourth line on the radio, click again. Thanks for all of your help.

By Alexandre

Wanda, you are right! It doesn’t matter the lever…all you have to do is click the round button and rotate is until the needle is at the middle point between 3 and 4.

By Victor Ong

Hi Bird leader, thanks for all the information here.

I agree with Wanda, to complete Egg 7 i did following steps:
1) click on the 3rd level (bird sound)
2) click and turn clockwise on the top [email protected] button
3) Turn until the dial moves to the mid point between 3rd & 4th line
4) once release, both 3rd and 4th level will be in down position

By rob

I finished this level (on my iphone), but now I cant get out of the radio, it just keeps playing. Can anyone help me?

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By FujiToast (@fujitoast)

Have you tried a soft reset? Hold the sleep and home button until you see the apple logo.

By nina

How do I complete this when I have a Sony E. X10 ? Can’t press two levers down at the same time…

By Jacob


By test

Very simple,
1. Mouse click on the 3rd bar
2. Mouse click and hold the wheel button then move curser to clockwise while button is pressed for like 2 secs

By Luce

I tried many time with my mouse. No luck! I tried one with my trackpad: 2 seconds and I got it!!!


If you have a hard time just rotate the button slowly and you should be able to get it to the middle between the 3rd and 4th dashes. Its cute when you get it to work.

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