Angry Birds Golden Egg Star Walkthrough Level 11 -

This level defies the laws of physics, but that’s okay. The key to unlocking the star in this level is to zoom out and aim your yellow bird high so that it destroys the plethora of TNT sitting right above the pigs. I just don’t understand why these pigs insist on putting themselves in this kind of situation over and over again.

* Note, the first part of the video shows you where to find the Golden Egg. The second part contains the walkthrough to unlock the Star. Video by FujiToast.

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By LaLa

On the PC version I don’t have this egg. How can I get it?


I’ve decided this egg is unobtainable on the PC version.

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

Nope, you can get it, you just have to drag inside the box that the levels are in.

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