Angry Birds Friends Tournament Level 3 Week 57 – June 17th 2013

Walkthrough video and strategy for Angry Birds Friends on Facebook Tournament Level 3 Week 57 which began the week of June 17th, 2013. Our non power-up strategy for this level is to fling Matilda below the floating structure, and drop the egg bomb so that she knocks the tnt blocks above. With a little bit of luck, the resulting chain reaction should clear the level. The score in the video below is 117,500.

Our Angry Birds Friends Tournament walkthroughs show you how to obtain 3 stars and highscores with and without Power Ups. If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below; however, don't just post your score via the comments. Tournament walkthroughs are added weekly as new levels come out, so be sure to check the walkthrough page.

Are you looking for help beyond this weeks tournament? You have an idea, or need a challenge? Be sure to check our Angry Birds Friends Forum.

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Comments (15)

Rank: Shooter with 915 points
By shampi (@shampi-di-daddi)

103k …103k
got this highscore…video is here-

Rank: Shooter with 915 points
By shampi (@shampi-di-daddi)
Rank: Shooter with 915 points
By shampi (@shampi-di-daddi)

i m sorry i have entered wrong score!

Rank: Master Slinger with 6270 points
By joaoryo (@joaoryo)

This is my strategy for 121K points. First birdquake, then wingman with SS:

Rank: Sling God with 56640 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)Score: 128,630

Got 119k using this same strategy!!

Rank: Sling God with 29785 points
By ZeBung (@zebung)

Reversed the shots for 126K+

Rank: Sling God with 29785 points
By ZeBung (@zebung)

Aim 1st shot just below the first horizontal cement block. Up to almost 130K with this strat…

Rank: Fling King with 4005 points
By AKM (@kris122)Score: 120,870

PC, 1 bird, no PU

Rank: Fling King with 4005 points
By AKM (@kris122)Score: 120,870

Tried again and got better result – 120,870
PC, 1 bird no PU, debris left, so more possible

Rank: Pig Leader with 12335 points
By Elliesue (@elliesue)

Also PC, 1 bird, no PU…122,620. That was on my first attempt, haven’t been able to better it yet.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8745 points
By xpogi (@xpogi)Score: 124,930

I used normal wb so that most of the TNTs fall down, then hulk smash for 124k. Quite the same as @shampi-di-daddi ‘s strat

Rank: Shooter with 915 points
By shampi (@shampi-di-daddi)

u can use quake though…but my srat is easy!

By Warfteiner

1 bird 120k. Just need some time and luck ofcourse.

Rank: Shooter with 995 points
By sanya353 (@sanya353)Score: 122,160

No PU, 1 bird, 122160 points. Same strategy like in the video.

Rank: Flinger with 25 points
By Lumberjack (@lumberjack)

Just in case, 113600 provided 3 stars.

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