Angry Birds Epic Wizpig’s Castle Walkthrough

Below is our gameplay walkthrough that will help you beat Angry Birds Epic Wizpig’s Castle. This is the shortest castle with only two waves, but easily the most challenging. Our strategy is as follows. Do not worry at all about the zombies in the first wave, but simply knock out Wizpig as quickly as possible. We use Paladin Red, thorny Matilda, and disguised Blues.

The final round adds Prince Porky to the allies! Keep him safe, since Demonic Wizpig can only be knocked out using Porky for the final blow. The summoned Kobolds do not need to be knocked out to defeat the level.

Completing this level retrieves the 5th stolen Egg! It also unlocks Chronicle Caves, which features some of the most challenging levels in the game.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the rest of our Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs here as well as join the conversation in the Epic Forum.

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By Tott

My fight plays out a little differently, as soon as wizzpig takes his demonic form, he gets a turn and charges his attack. therefore I only get 2 rounds before he attacks and wipes out most of my team before healing himself to full health on my 3rd turn. will try to stun him before this and see if that helps.

By j.

The same thing is happening to me. It is driving me INSANE. I try to attack just as soon as the blue circles appear after the video. It seems to me a very cruel bug in the programme…

By j.

No, actually — the video shows TWO moves that each of the birds get before the Demon Wizpig makes his first “charge”. So so hard. Having those two moves would make this so much easier…

By Jyfr

How do you make the birds elite or veteran??

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)

You upgrade them in the Mighty Eagle Dojo, located next to the Cave entrance.

Rank: DaBomb with 435 points
By rahul (@rahulsamal)

I used elite samurai, elite druid and veteran tricksters.first thing to do is kill wizpig so I used samurai for attacking, druid for healing and tricksters for cleansing. After that I got a foolproof idea for demonic wizpig.
First of all, attack demonic wizpig,when he calls the first two ghosts, use the rage chili for tricksters and wizpig should be stunned.then attack the two ghosts with porky and samurai.then after he does his attack,attack the third and fourth ghost with tricksters and samurai and use rage chili for porky. So there wont be any ghosts to summon. Apply the same procedure until you kill him.
Note:he can only be killed by porky so keep him alive.if other birds try,they wont kill him because he will be left with 1 health.

By minerat

Dude i stunned him but summon ghosts again.

By Philip Wahl

I have the same problem. He attacks first and my petty is dead after one hit from him. I get. Two moves and that enough to do a little less than 1/2 his damage. I don’t understand where I Am going wrong. I literally have 0 chance against him. Any ideas?

By Pericles

Can the Mighty Eagle kill the Demonic Wizpig?

Rank: Hardened with 590 points

If you use it on any of the birds, it will take him down to 1 health. Finish him off with Prince Porky. If you use the dish on Porky, it will kill the Demonic Wizpig.

By XenoDarth

Good luck raising the 45 Lucky Coins…

By Derek

You can also use the revive for 10 coins.

Rank: Flinger with 80 points
By BokuDesuNe (@bokudesune)

My team was the Veteran Samurai (equip a strong stunning weapon), Veteran tricksters (their job was to cleanse status ailments in first round), and Regular Druid (constantly healing). The Wizzpig jump start in the second round comes because the Prince arrives, and that’s it for your first turn. To stop Wizzpig from healing, save the Rage Chili, and damage the ghosts just enough that the Prince’s Rage attack can completely remove them from the battle.

By birdie

I do not have a stunning “bedtime” weapon, is there any other way to go for it? Failed like 1000000 times!!!

By Lauren

This is how I won this level with 2 stars after so many failed attemps :-D

I used my veteran druid, veteran rainbird & samurai

Beating the first level is a little more difficult without the itching powder from blue birds but not impossible:

Tips for first wave:
* attack prince pig only and ignore other pigs
* use rainbird to cleanse when you don’t have a full chili
* always use the chili on white bird to cleanse if it’s ready after your birds are cursed…if not save it and don’t use it to do damage on the pigs.

This is a little risky and will take longer to kill the prince pig in the first wave, but makes a HUGE advantage on the second wave.

Second wave process:

1) attack prince pig with all birds
2) when the ghosts pigs enter the scene, use rainbird asap
3) 1 turn before prince pig attacks your birds, use red’s defense formation
4) after you take damage use rainbird again to poison new ghost pigs that came out. There will be 2 ghosts with almost full health, so attack each 1 once with your white or red bird.
5) by this point you should have a full chili so give it to porky pig. He will remove 3 of 4 ghosts from the game, which leaves prince pig with only 575 health or so to heal
6) heal your birds with both healers

If you repeat this process about 4 times the prince dies!

Rank: Well Traveled with 1530 points
By Red (@james1562)

Does this level give you the red key?

Rank: Deputized with 160 points
By kaddeddo (@kaddeddo)

it gives you the entrance to a new part of the game.
Chronocle caves
inside this new part of the game you will find the red key.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1530 points
By Red (@james1562)

Ok thanks

Rank: Flinger with 60 points
By BankyEdwards (@bankyedwards)

Woohooo! Finally downed that demonic bugger! :D Got 3 stars which is something I can’t believe ’cause I struggled and struggled and it was a lengthy fight but nevertheless my bravery was awarded! :D (for the record, lvl 16)

Here’s how I did it, for fellow strugglers.

Take Rainbird Chuck (elite), Samurai Red (vet, take a bedtime weapon) & Trickster Blues (vet).

First wave is longish but straightforward, so ignore zombie pigs and focus on Wizpig.
Have Red attack, Blues cleanse and occasionally attack and Chuck heal, mostly.
Always feed the Chili to Red but save the last Chili when piggies have more HP than Wizzie for rainy days in second wave.
You may need some healing potions for your birds (I used snow apple juice twice or thrice to prevent Blues from getting killed; I don’t have to say that entering the second stage with all three birds is vital), so have 5 or so potions in your inventory.

After first wave, Porky joins the ranks of our team and since we all know he’s central to defeating Demonic Wizpig, keep him safe.
Now, right after the second stage begins have all birds and Porky attack – this one time.
Remember to use Red’s defensive shield on your weakest link just before DW attacks (all birds are shielded but the weakest is protected the most, in my case it was Porky).
Chuck mostly heals but if you see that health bars of your birds and Porky are relatively safe, make Chuck attack as well – his acid rain may be useful in getting rid of ghosts.
Now, getting rid of ghosts. It is extremely important to kill them, burn to the ground, annihilate, eradicate and remove like a vermin BEFORE Wizpig heals. I had made like twenty attempts to kill him but he would always consume ghost allies and replenish his health. If ghosts enter the stage, make Red and Blues attack them. They may not kill them off but do enough damage for Porky to use his Holy Grenade and get rid of them and leave NOTHING for DW to consume and heal, so remember to have your Chili ready, so you can feed it to Porky. Porky gets all the Chilis in this stage. (You may need some veggie cakes. I didn’t but just a heads up.)

If you remember to attack wisely, heal, use Red’s shield prior to DW’s attack, kill ghosts and have Porky wipe them off the stage, you should be fine. And if your timing is right you may finish Wizpig off with very last final Holy Grenade. Nice :)

And yes, Wizpig charged his first attack (1 out of 3) right after Porky appeared. This left me with two turns for each character.

By mrifat11

thanks :D , It’s work

By Maltairassassin

I think Samurai(or Paladin), Druid and Trickster is the best team. But my advice for an insane level like this is to bring at least 20 snow apple juice and 20 hot veggie cake :v

By Scott

I think I may have a glitch in this level – When Wizpig heals himself, he heals for over half a million points. I’m not exaggerating.

I had him down to 31 points and all of a sudden he’s completely fine. When he heals the zombie pigs, he does so for over 1100 points, not sure if thats normal. I’ve seen him heal them for 10 times that before.

Anyone else seen this problem?

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Then don’t let him heal ;)

By Alexwlv

I used a easier, but more expensive way.
Team: Veteran Paladin, Normal Druid and Normal Tricksters.
Druid for healing, tricksters for cleansing and paladin for extra healing.

After wizpig becomes a demon, I use the tricksters buff and porkys buff for huge damage, following by a chilli on red (+1300dmg). I just kept attacking it until my whole team has been OneHit wiped out. Then I spent 10 gold and bring them to fight. Full attacks and Chilli on Red.

Easy, but expensive, cause it costs 10 gold per game

By gfow

Here is the way to kill it as of 8/19/2014 considering the encounter is severely bugged.

Issues #1: Wiz Pig gets a free turn and charges up 1/3 of the way as soon as he spawns. For me, two of my pigs had blue circles and were ready for attack as he was doing this. As soon as the cinematic is over and he’s getting ready to use his free, bugged charge, attack with those two birds. You’ll get two free attacks in.

Issue #2: Even if you wipe out all the ghosts with Porky after he uses his AoE attack, on his next turn, he will spawn two ghosts and sacrifice them AT THE SAME TIME. You cannot do anything about it and he heals for 3k on account of it. It’s absolutely ridiculous and Rovio needs to fix it.

Anyway, onto the actual strategy. I used Paladin, Druid, and Tricksters.

Try your best to have a full rage chili bar going into it. As I said above, get two free attacks in with your only two birds that have blue circles under them as soon as the cinematic is over and he’s getting his free, bugged charge in. He’ll have 1 charge, you’ll have hit him twice, and now it’ll be your turn.

Use Porky’s tit for tat to get the damage buff. Then use your rage bar on Tricksters to get a stun on Wizpig. Next round, rage chili up and use your rage on Paladin. Regular attacks for everyone else. This will leave him with 2 charges. Next turn, rage chili up again and use it on Red, everyone else attack again. He’ll now use his AoE attack and kill everyone. He should also have 4 ghosts with him. Spend 10 gold coins to respawn, attack one ghost with red, and another ghost with tricksters. Attack the boss with druid to get thorns back on him, then rage chili up so you can use Porky’s attack on the ghosts to wipe them out. It’ll wipe out two of them and he’ll heal off of the other two, but should still be around 60% health after healing.

Now you are 100% fresh and he’s at 60% health. Use Porky’s tit for tat again to get the damage buff, rage chili up, use tricksters to stun him, attack with everyone else. Next round, he’ll now have 1 charge. Rage chili up, use red, attack with everyone else. Next round, 2 charges. Attack with everyone except Porky, rage chili up, and use the rage on Porky to finish him off.

This worked for me at level 16 with only veteran birds. The fight is horrendously bugged and Rovio should be embarrassed to not be responding or fixing it.


The “stun” effect causes two ghosts to appear and be eaten before the birds’ turn. This must be a bug and it indeed sucks. How to avoid the bug consistently?

By druid2k

Not a big deal, with some level 16 (basic samurai, veteran druid, basic trickster) can be done without respawn, or potions…
– samurai has to have weapon that stuns an opponent

1) against the pig. forget his goons, attack the pig. use the druid to heal, the trickster to clean up the goo or and the curse. sometimes use the rage chili with the druid to heal+ cleanse (and attack with the trickster that time. aim to survive only, and with at least 1/2 chili. you will be able to do this 1in4 or 5

2) against the demon pig:
– 1st turn attack with everybody.
– if the ghosts appear, attack each of them with the trickster and the pig. mathilda do the healing stuff all the time. do this EVERY time the ghosts appear ,you have to deal enough damage to them to be in the range of the pig’s grande damage!!
– before the demon attacks, shield with the samurai, then use the chilie on the pig to damage the demon an kill+remove all the ghosts, so after the damage dealing round, you will get a free round against the demon (he tries to eat his ghosts, but non of them present).

sometimes because of the stun effect the new ghosts arrives right before the deamon wants to eat them. this sux :) but normally you will be able to do this battle without even potions…

Q: when you get the chest from the demon, it drops 3 red potions (it seemd to me). but I cant find those: maybe it is a higher level potion, that I dnt have at this time (so it was wasted?) thanks


By XenoDarth

August 27, 2014

I managed to defeat Wizpig with level 16 Veteran Samurai (for attack and defense), Veteran Druid (for healing, obviously), and Veteran Tricksters (for cleansing harmful status effects). I had several potions (Snow Apple Juices Rank 1 and Ultra hot Veggie Cakes) in stock and 18 Lucky Coins. My original plan for the Lucky Coins was to revive my team, but I used them instead to purchase an extra veggie cake.

In Wave 1 I focused all attacks on Wizpig since his two minions can revive when defeated. When I get a full Rage Chili and my birds’ health is low I used it on Mathilda. Since her rage attack also cleanses status effects that also frees up my Tricksters for a high-damage attack (roughly 320 damage). If my birds are okay I used the Chili on Red (roughly 666 damage… go figure). Every once in a while I used a Snow Apple Juice to keep my birds alive.

On Wave 2 I had my birds (and Porky) eat the veggie cakes and fed the chili to Red and Porky. Porky’s rage attack alone wouldn’t kill the spirits so I had my Tricksters and Mathilda damage them first so that Porky can finish them off. Of course this doesn’t stop Demonic Wizpig from consuming two spirits as soon as they spawn, but at least I can control the population. Porky’s Tit for Tat buff and the Tricksters’ Cheer buff really saved me, but all would be for nothing if it weren’t for Red’s Defensive Formation buff.

Both Red and Mathilda had weapons with the Bedtime ability, with has a 5% chance to stun enemies. This may not seem like much but they stunned Wizpig twice. One time I fed the rage chili to the Tricksters in order to stun Wizpig again. Thanks to Red’s Defensive Formation buff, nobody died (although I had a mini heart attack when Porky was mere moments from death).

By Ankaa

I have diturbing bug in wizpig castle, and i wonder if anyone has the same problem. After the first wave when wizpig transforms, i can’t use my birds at all. Can’t attack. They are just standing there. Even the circle is not appeard araund them.
How can i fix this?

By Lance

I’m having the same issue. Every time I get to the second wave, I get my pig ally, then it seems to freeze. Nothing works and the fight doesn’t continue. The only thing I can do is exit the fight. :(

By Brad

I had the same problem. It was fixed after the arena battle update. I was so upgraded by the time I could actually fight Wizpig that I got 3 stars on the first try!

By VelvetZoop

Ankka I have the same bug problem and despite Rovio claiming on twitter that they answer all their support emails promptly I haven’t had a reply (other than auto reply we have received your message) to either of my support requests…

It does seem to be sporadic although rebooting and reinstalling the game haven’t helped on my ipad2 – this was before the iOS update so unrelated…

Getting frustrated as are my kids!

By arno83as

same bug problem… :(

By Sirhc

Same bug….. It use to work if I try a different bird combination now it just doesn’t work

By Prince porky

1.You need red as samuri bomb as veteran capt’n and chuck as veteran wizard
2.weapons red:gold hammer,leaf shield.weapons chuck:somthing like a lighting and clock.weapons bomb:firework and a heart box.
3.attack and chily on chuck beucase lanch 5 attack and deal more damage.
4.demonic wizpig:attack and protteckt the birds with red.
5.spirits:dont let come more than to destroy them with prince porky.
6.if is have health lower than 130 attack with prince porky. win
Prince porky and king pig

By Duke

This walkthrough doesn’t match what I get in the game. One attack by demon wizpig kills Prince Porky immediately. I have to use the samurai to protect him, but I’ve been unable to beat this castlel. (I’m level 16)

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)

Changes to the game made some of the original walkthroughs obsolete. I don’t know when/if they will be updated. Fortunately, other players usually post alternate strategies in the comments section below the video. Normally, these will be shaded a light blue color, but not always. This level has several good alt. strategies posted, which may be able to help you out.

Rank: Sling God with 28590 points
By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)

Does anyone know how to defeat WizPig without using potions? The reason I’m asking is that I am curious how many mastery points you get for defeating him, but don’t want to spend potions finding out.
If you do know how many mastery points you get for the castle, please post in Mastery forum.

Rank: Sling God with 37230 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

Did you ever figure this out @mvnla2?

Rank: Sling God with 28590 points
By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)

No, I didn’t figure it out, but haven’t tried recently. I don’t think anyone else has provided a solution, either, although I can’t quite understand the post below. Wasim Ajmeri seems to be saying a potion was used.

By Wasim Ajmeri

I did it using jack and jay. Blue ones. They can easily get rid of power used by first enemy. When it becomes pink. Than you can defeat that pig only by speared bird which is not bird actually. The thing is you need to give it a cover shield by red. Plz keep berry to heal. I did it with ease but, the combination recognition took

By Chris N

My (almost) fool proof solution without potions to wizpig is red guardian Matilda cleric and blue trickster. In first phaze blue is used to dispel wizpigs debuff whenever he uses it red and Matilda must keep up their shields reds debuff on wizpig also helps. When chilli comes up use matildas heal then attack with blue. For second phase use sheilds for Matilda and red before he uses black magic and you will live. Make sure to keep debuff of reds on wizpig especially when he uses black magic. Damage ghosts with Matilda and blue once each then use holy bomb with porky asap he uses sacrifice one turn after black magic. Rinse and repeat but the one issue I found was randomly black magic may ignore the sheilds and one shot porky. For this there is no fix.

By Chris N

Reds damage reduction on him still works so if porky is at full health he may survive but the fight revolves around chance hense the “almost” statement. If all enemies attack one bird by random chance you can fail easilly without potions.

By Rappid

So i’m at the final boss but i’m only lvl 14 my healer is almost lvl 5 and others are half 4 i use the blue bird to cleanse and samurai to defend but that leaves me to doing only that to stay alive i still got 2 tuna should i use those or do something else?

By Chris N

You don’t need samurai the strategy I posted work with reds protector class his damage reduction lasts two turns

By Chris N

Sorry you need red in his guardian not samurai or protector Matilda in her cleric class and blue in his trickster class

By Zelotypus

Here’s an easy way: use a mighty eagle on prince pig or whatever his name is.
I didn’t purchase any, I think I got 3 free ones at one point.
I got 2 stars. Tried it after failing to save blue right at the end of the first round, since I was getting no where with only 2 birds to take out the ghosts in Rd2

By Roman

My games gets stuck with wizipig. As soon as he transforms into his second form, I can´t order birds to attack. If I hold my finger on any of the characters, the ability list comes up, but that´s it. What is wrong?

By Brad

I’m having the same issue. Have you found a way around this yet?

By Brad

I’ve gotten past this now. It resolved when they added the arena portion of the game.

By minger

Hi. Ive been trying to get past this level for over 2 months, L17 with samurai red, druid matilda and tricksters. Demonic wizpig gets a go before I do, the two birds do get a blue circle when he’s charging but often that thrn counts as my first go. Demonic is healing a stupid amount for each spirit and despite my best efforts easily heals between 4-6k whenever he seems to feel like it. Games can go on for ages and reach a stalemate. I feel that demonic is healing far too much per spirit. Is that normal or is it bugged? Or have my skills plateaued? Ive not got potions or coins as used them all up. So frustrated, would really appreciate any help. Cheers!

By Brad

I three starred this one pretty easy as a level 21. Just get a bunch of the rage chili potions. 75% ones are great if you’ve got them unlocked. Use them to clear out the ghosts with Prince porky and knock him out with the tricksters. I also used Paladin and Druid.


*As you level up, the enemies also level proportionally to keep the difficulty constant.

• Red Guardian (his Overpower and Aura of Fortitude combined reduces overall damage to 45% and his Rage Ability deals lots of damage)
• Maltilda Druid (you need to heal everyone in time while causing damage with her Thorny Vine)
• Blues Trickster (you need their Cheer decontamination capability)

Wave 1: No matter what, focus on Zombie Master (Wizpig).

First vital three steps:
1) Power up everyone with Blues’ cheer.
2) Protect everyone with Red’s Aura of Fortitude (or if you have the Golden Chili, feed the Rage Chili to Red).
3) Poison Wizpig with Maltilda.

Whatever happens next, just follow the simple rules:
• Always protect everybody with Red’s Aura of Fortitude.
• If any birds’ health drop less than ½ of their maximum health, always consider it critical. Heal them with Druid. Otherwise, re-poison Zombie Master.
• If there is any form of harmful effects to any birds (especially if affected by Black Curse that heals the attacker greatly), clean it with Blues. Do not leave the harmful effects persisted as it can cause too much damage, too much healing to pigs and/or significant power reduction.

If the Rage Chili is filled, feed it to the following birds, ordered by priority:
1) Maltilda, if any of the birds’ health is critically low (less than ¼ of their maximum health). You have to keep them alive, no matter what.
2) Red, if Zombie Master have the most health. Make sure he have no harmful effects that reduces his attack power.
2) Blues, if Zombie Master’s health is less than others. Make sure they have no harmful effects that reduces their attack power.

Wave 2: Price Porky will join the allies.

Important notes:
• Prince Porky is the most vital ally to defeat Demonic Wizpig due to Wizpig’s “No Bird Can Defeat Me!” passive ability. Keep him alive at all costs. Without him, the battle is impossible to win (the birds can only reduce Wizpig’s health down to 1, but could not defeat him).
• His health is relatively low.
• Do not use Porky’s Tit for Tat. This will increase the taken damage of all allies by 15% (for 30% more damage), too much for him to handle.
• Do not feed the rage chili to anyone until the proper time emerges.
• You don’t need to knock out the ghost to win this battle, although necessary to keep Wizpig injured all the time.

Follow these step really carefully:
1) Attack Wizpig, right away and heal everyone fully (100%) with Maltilda.
2) As soon he starts charging his Black Magic and summons 2 ghosts, protect everyone with Red and reduce (but not drain down to zero) the ghosts’ health with other allies, just enough for Porky’s Holy Hand Grenade rage ability to take them out.
3) The turn before Wizpig attacks, weaken him with Red and reduce the health of the 2 newly summoned ghost with others.
4) After the Black Magic, the rage chili should be filled. If necessary, reduce the health of the ghosts (if their health is still too high), then feed the chili to Porky. This will wipe out all ghosts and cause damage to Wizpig (if any ghost survived after the blast, knock him out with other else to reduce the healing effect to Wizpig, although it is still large).
5) After Wizpig tries to consume spirits (which fails), repeat step 1-5 until Wizpig’s health is low enough for Prince Porky’s Righteous Backstab to take him out.
6) When victory is assured, heal everybody with Maltilda to increase the score (feed the chili to her, if available), then take Wizpig out with Porky. You don’t need to take out the ghosts.

When these steps are followed carefully, you will win this battle without spending anything (unless you reroll the Wheel of Loot). If you manage to win the battle quickly and all allies’ health is high (full health will give you maximum score), you got good chance to obtain three stars.

This strategy will be better if you the following strong Legendary Set Items:
• Red’s Steel Wall and Steel Sword → Protector’s Aurora: Reduces taken damage of all allies by 10% (Aura of Fortitude will reduce damage by 35% instead of 25%)
• Maltilda’s Honey Jar and Honey Spoon → Sweet!: All friendly healing effects are 25% stronger.

*You can still win the battle without these set items. Just make sure your weapons and off-hand items are really strong.

Have a great fight!

By Brandon

What happens if Prince Porky gets knocked out

Rank: Shooter with 800 points
By Danke_ (@danke)

You can’t kill wizpig without porky, the last shot must be landed by him, or wizz’s health won’t go under 1 HP.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16460 points
By PJng (@pjng)

I really not understand what wong i do, i hit 593 dmg KO’s price porky with only 460 hp,
Already stunned wizpig 2 time still not able to servive prince porky.

Rank: Explosive with 2320 points
By firedragon (@mingkee27)

Here is the key to win:
This blue trio class can heal status abnormalities on ALL members which leaves first form Wizpig has no chance to take HP from you.
It is also recommended to have Wizard Chuck with you as he can use Sonic rage which can have two more strikes from your members.
The third does not really matter, but Captain or Pirate Bomb is recommended.

By minerat

If the pigs attack they are healed by 75% of their max health.

Rank: Flinger with 40 points
By lololololololoo (@fralalalala)

I did it with red samurai lvl 4 tricksters and druid it take me 10min wiz pig dies so quickly

By JDHannan

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THE “BUG” where the demonic wizpig summons ghosts and immediately consumes them, read this:

This is caused by you stunning him an odd number of times. The Demonic Wizpig only does two things – a 3 turn charge and a one turn heal. The ghosts come every second turn. So, if he’s been knocked out for one round, then he does the heal at the same time that the ghosts appear. If you’ve got him in this bad rotation, use a chili on your tricksters to knock him out for one round and you’ll be good to go.

I battled him for about 30 rounds at a stalemate, unable to figure out how to beat him when he just heals for 2664 damage every 4 rounds until it came together in my head.

+ this up so everyone can see it

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16460 points
By PJng (@pjng)

How can like this, lvl 14 now lvl 16 same happen, second wave 1 move killed ALL MY BIRDS, even i keep in full life.

By Trayvon

I’m lvl 17 and I still can’t be him. I have like 1,540 snoutling and whenever i use them to upgrade my birds it always comes to some upgrades where i have to spend lucky coins. And i NEVER have enough lucky coins. How can i upgrade my birds to Veteran and/or Elite?!? Do i wait 3 HOURS just to get UPGRADES or Do The golden pig lvl when i DON’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO DO THE LVL!!! Well, Spring Break this week so i guess now that i’m gonna do week 3 and get 3 coins, i’ll probably be able to get to week 7 and get 7 coins plus i can use 3 to get an awesome set item maybe for the blues, red, or matilida. BUT STILL, HOW AM I GONNA GET’EM VETERAN AND/OR ELITE TO BEAT DEMONIC WIZPIG!!?!??

By Trayvon

4+3=7+4=11+5=16+6=22+7= 29. Is That Right?? Because 29 Is How Many Lucky Coins I’m Gonna Have

By Trayvon

THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I’M SOOOO GLAD I SAVED UP 30 LUCKY COINS!!!! Here’s how i did it:
I used:
I beat first wave and i used 30 lucky coins (Be sure to stock up on coins) and used’em on Mighty Eagle’s Fav Dish on the Raging and Royal Prince Porky(I LOVE HIM) and….. BBBOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!
Just Try And You’ll Probably Win With: ★★★ and chance for: ★★★ TREASURE CHEST ★★★

By Jay Jim & Jake

What if u don’t have enough time for getting gold coins? Huh

By Narcist

Well,it was a tricky one…i used palladin,bard and the trickster.
But to increase the damage output i had to use 8 pizzas and used 1 rage chilli on blues to stun the wizpig at the start of the battle,and 3 rage chillies on red whose damage was enhanced by blue and porky.
PS stun is a really useful thing on bard was also able to stun the pig.

By Immers

To avoid bug with lost turns hit “fast forward” button during transformation video immediately after it appears.

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