Angry Birds Epic Pig Porch Level 10 Walkthrough | Chronicle Cave 17

Thus far it seems that Angry Birds Epic Pig Porch Level 10 in Chronicle Cave 17 is impossible to 3 star without using Power Ups. @Mighty-Red-1 was kind enough to create this walkthrough that shows how to obtain 2 stars. Please let us know if you’ve been able to 3 star this level without the use of Power Ups by leaving a comment below. This level is a single wave boss fight. Cave 17 was added in the v1.2.11 update, which you can read more about here.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the rest of our Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs here as well as join the conversation in the Epic Forum.

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Rank: Gold Flinger with 8250 points
By GrimmJow (@grimmjow)


I am anxious to specify that potions which we can create in our nest are not considered as power-ups.
Only Mighty Eagle is a power-up in this level, because obtained by money.

@mighty-red-1 an extremist is does not absolutely who want to use potion or cake, but a strategy including them is not refused.

Rank: Deputized with 120 points
By gamemaster (@gamemaster)

Can anyone please help: I cannot beat the last boss in the game, Dark Shaman (cave 17). I must specify that I don’t have any friends that play this game, so I can’t choose among their birds, thus my only option for the third bird is Pigiana Jones, Piggy McCool and Prince Porky. What is the best combination of birds I should use for this final boss, given the facts I stated? I would be most grateful, cause I am stuck for days… :-(

By Lars Wisler

Find me on Facebook. Once connected there, we can borrow each other’s birds. :-)

Rank: DaBomb with 340 points
By Nostromov (@nimd4)

Right, because it’s not gonna happen w/o a powerful bird from a friend… High Mastery/Bird level and a whole bunch of potions & cakes. :)

*or Mighty Eagle, ofc.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7550 points
By Bubbley (@bubbley)

@gamemaster @nimd4 I have just beaten him using: Paladin with hammers, Lightening Bird with mana set and Piggianna. My birds are 50/12.

I used no potions and all birds finished with full health. The score was 37500 and achieved 2 stars. I suppose if you choose to use the chilli cake you could beat him sooner and then gain a higher score.

Rank: DaBomb with 340 points
By Nostromov (@nimd4)

Just gotten around 2 reading this… Right (!), ofc., dunno how come I overlooked the *regular* birds that you get on the side! xD

Rank: Well Traveled with 1645 points
By freeman (@jorge-freeman-1)

@sal9 ~ 3 star this level without p-ups will quite probably be possible with the newest Epic set. A black bird equipped with it has 20% of chance to deal 400k+ of damage to an opponent with less than 50% of life. This means that a team with a black bird can ko the boss in little more than half the rounds needed till now.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7550 points
By Bubbley (@bubbley)

I have defeated him using Red with the hammers, Lightening Bird with mana set and a borrowed Seadog with scissors. All level 50 rank 12. No potions were used but the rage chilli was. I was hoping for stuns and was lucky to get them. The score was 46500 and enough to 3 star.

I think bombs candy set would be safer.

I have previously 3 starred using Skulkers,Wizard, Seadog the score was higher but cake was used.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7550 points
By Bubbley (@bubbley)

I have just repeated the combination: paladin with hammers, lightening bird with mana set and borrowed Seadog with candy set instead of scissors.

This time with one stun only the score was 45000 still enough to 3 star.

Lightening bird only takes a shot when fed the rage chilli otherwise he is used to buff Paladin. All birds end with full health.

Since I have 3 starred twice in a row I believe this is a valid strategy.

Rank: Shooter with 825 points
By edkang-TW (@edkang)

Grand SlamHammer + Banner
Titan’s Wrath: 8% chance to to stun target for 1 turn+
Titangrip: Increase attack power by 8%=
Grand Slam: The hammer’s stun effect lasts +1 turn

That only 8% chance to to stun.
You can’t 3 star this level without the use of Power Ups

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7550 points
By Bubbley (@bubbley)

@edkang I have 3 starred this twice I a row using the birds described above. On the first occasion I have two stuns on the second one stun. I do not use any potions. When the rage chilli is full I give it to Chuck otherwise attach Seadog to red. Strike with red then buff red with LB. All three birds heal with the sets I use and added immunity with the mana set.
The birds end with full health score depends on the speed take to kill the Sharman.

If I knew how to record it and post it I would.

I didn’t know there were power ups in this game.

Perhaps someone in admin can try out my method. I would be grateful. I am not particularly fond of being called a liar.

Rank: Shooter with 825 points
By edkang-TW (@edkang)

You are very lucky…

IF the birds end with full health in viedo will get 45000.
This one way to get 3 star this level without use supplies. and need some of luck.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7550 points
By Bubbley (@bubbley)

@edkang there is an element of luck in all battles. If the candy set hadn’t healed in the last round I would not have had full health. If the bonus hits by Seadog had been more frequent I might have killed him earlier but not had time to heal. If the cave had chosen to stun him, which it could have but didn’t, I might have scored more. These are variables that work with and against us in all battles.

I have tried many different combinations of birds and this is the only one that gets 3 stars without potions and is repeatable. I don’t think it is the only one but it is the only one I have found.

Rank: Shooter with 825 points
By edkang-TW (@edkang)

@bubbley @sal9 @mighty-red-1

I get it !!!
This is get 3 star this BOSS without use supplies.

Seadog use Sugar Rush better then Scissors set.

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)

@edkang Nicely done! Are those maxed birds? (Level 12)

Rank: Shooter with 825 points
By edkang-TW (@edkang)

@sal9 Yes, ALL of they are maxed birds. (Level 12).

By Sagittario

How do you max your birds so fast?? I am level 50 since a while and I have only two Red classes of level 7 as my highest help pls

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7550 points
By Bubbley (@bubbley)

@edkang glad you made it.

By Prasun Ghosh

You can use red as stone guard,blues as spies or matilda as witch and one of your friend’s bird or pigiana jones’ adventure pig. But first, you should get primal power set for red and shadow steps set for blues. You should get all the birds to level 40+ given classes to 11+ mastery level.

Rank: Hardened with 655 points
By ~zXion JV♡我爱你 (@juanvincent)
Rank: Hardened with 670 points
By Chuck_Bird (@aufar-ramadhan)

Tips :
– Have at least level 45+ birds (I recommend 50+) with avg. power 220 per bird for your birds/classes. Paladin and Wizard/Thunderbird with 3000+ health is recommended for your birds.
– Get a senior friend in FB who has strong birds (350+) and borrow a bird from that guy. I recommend borrowing Pirate, Sea Dog (both with Finisher Set I recommend) or Paladin (and change your Paladin with a Bomb.
– Get all maxed potions and stack’em up for this tough battle. At least you have 10 of each (Pig juice, Pretty cake, and Burning Cake).

And finally,
Just a shameless promotion of my video:
This is a 3-STARS walkthrough of this level.

Rank: Hardened with 670 points
By Chuck_Bird (@aufar-ramadhan)

In that video, I’ve used 1 juice and 3 cakes.

Rank: Champion with 3520 points
By Nightcrawler (@sam-spargo)
Rank: Explosive with 2065 points
By Suske (@suske)

Currently replaying the version he was added in (1.2.11) and thanks to this video I was able to beat him, although I wasnt able to 3 star the level because Rovio made it impossible.

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