Angry Birds Epic – Fully Labeled Map of Piggy Island

Click or tap the map above to explore Piggy Island. If you like you can also open the full size image here (feel free to share this, but please don’t link to the image directly, rather link to this post).

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Rank: Flinger with 50 points
By MissBelle (@missbelle)

There’s also a hidden level called “Maelstrom” in the big whirlpool thing right between Limestone Lagoon 1 and 6, right by the Desert Island.

By Ilvbrownies

How in the world is one supposed to defeat Posidepig? I mean outside of having all your birds at rank 30+.

By shmerel

You can use red knight with yellow mage and white princess.
the knight shields himself and white attacks and yellow gives red orbs, so poseidopig gets hurt more than he heals and you alternate attack and shield with red and white attacks when red has most health.
let me know of you want to add me on fb and borrow a bird. Mine are all Level 5 with good gear and I’m working on them.

Rank: Out of this World with 2610 points
By PhoenixTM (@jbowen1703)

i was tring to figure out what the Big Whirlpool is for…..

By CyntaxtheBird

ikr they forgot to put it there or maybe it was not yet out on that version yet LOL?

By tvision

where are the RED KEYS to open the red gates??

By thanos's grandma

At the end of the first cave in chronicle cave

By Deepali Deshpande

What about the friendship gates?

By CyntaxtheBird


By Barb

Anyone else have trouble with areas showing up? The south beach 2 never appeared and am well behind that point now.

By Barb

I meant well beyond that point.

By Rudrazilla

Map is not full

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