Angry Birds Epic Cobalt Plateaus Level 6 Walkthrough

Below is our walkthrough for Angry Birds Epic Cobalt Plateaus Level 6. One strategy is to defend Red using Chuck’s passive ability, then focus on the pigs holding fly-swatters and clubs. The poking attack of the other pigs is minor and manageable.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the rest of our Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs here as well as join the conversation in the Epic Forum.

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    Comments (2)

    Rank: Sling God with 26540 points
    By Joey (@joeyba)

    I took 43000 and only 2 stars!
    is the star system not based on points?

    Rank: Sling God with 32110 points
    By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

    @joeyba Stars are based on points. But to 3-star some levels, you may need to come back later with stronger birds.

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