Angry Birds Cheetos Level 1-1 Walkthrough

Our strategy for Angry Birds Cheetos level 1-1 is to fire the first Yellow bird through the wooden blocks in the bottom-left, dropping everything except the two rightmost towers. Use another Yellow bird to trop the two remaining towers. The score in the video below is 82,610.

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By Morph416

Used this strategy to pull off an 80K+ score.. however, for fun.. you can use the Cheetos bag to take out the bottom pig.. leaving the two yellow birds to do even more damage for points.

Still working on perfecting that to see if I can get more points.

By Morph416

Ok… I did manage to grab about 85K using the Cheetos bag to take out the bottom pig… aim it just so it hits the wooden structure above the pig, the popping bag will take out the pig, and possibly some of the structure which may cause it to fall and take out the pig just above it.

Then.. or if not, either way.. use the two YBs as show in video. If the bag manages to take out both lower pigs, you could possibly single bird this level.

Rank: Slinger with 1035 points
By Antonio231102 (@joseantonio)

I know this game is really old but is there a way to play it now, over 6 years later?

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By abfan89 (@)

No they are no ways to play it yet

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