Angry Birds 2 Levels 401 to 420 Pig City – Ham Francisco 3-Star Walkthrough

Part 1 of Angry Birds 2 Pig City – Ham Francisco Compilation Walkthroughs: This video walkthrough shows you how to obtain 3 stars in Levels 401 through 420.

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By Pig popper

There is also a new pig in this update, and that pig explodes on contact like TNT. I personely like to call him chilli pig :D

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By heybert17 (@heybert17)

Okay, on level 403 what do you do if you are not lucky enough to have Yellow and the far structure be wood. If it is stone Yellow doesn’t work and and all other birds are blown to high by the fan to be effective. Sometimes you can get Bomb to explode close enough to work if his blast radius works like it should. I can not get past this level because I have to waste 75% of my birds just trying ti destroy the far structure.

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