Angry Birds 2 Foreman Pig Level 50 Boss Fight Walkthrough – Bamboo Forest Eggchanted Woods

Walkthrough strategy for Angry Birds 2 Boss Fight #8 level 50 against Foreman Pig in Bamboo Forest – Eggchanted Woods. This is a multi-stage level, so fling your birds wisely. The score in the video below is 158,621.

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Comments (12)

Rank: Boss Hog with 12515 points
By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

@sal9 here’s a tip: if you use Silver’s ability right NEXT to Moustache Pig (or any boss really), you can throw them really far!

Rank: Champion with 3390 points
By AndalayBay (@andalaybay)

Would it be possible to get a new version of the walkthrough video? My version of the game has three levels, not two. It’s much harder with three and I haven’t been able to carry over enough birds to finish it. :P

By oreo

Why do I have three stages and not 2? Make another video please!

Rank: Champion with 3390 points
By AndalayBay (@andalaybay)

Yes, when you first get this level, there are three stages. If you go back and play the level later after you have cleared it previously, it will only have two stages.

I’ve gone thorugh and replayed a few levels and they all have fewer stages than what they had originally. So we’ll need to find premium flingers who can create a video on the first try before the level is reduced in stages. :P

By Jimmyb30OhiO

Grrrr! I too have the first pass through…3 stages; and, been going nuts trying to stretch enough birds to get through the boss fight.

BUT I JUST DID IT..;however, my score was only enough to get TWO stars. Grr ???

But, if this helps! (But, I realize sometimes bird choices and birds u have left can be varied QUITE A BIT)

•I used red bird to knock Boss off perch, through portal & to hit the first bomb tier & as usual he passed back through onto the platform on the left …just sitting next the the left pig on that platform.
• next I used BIG red bird but I aimed a little lower at the highest part of the tower (than in the video), and big bird hit boss going OVER HIM & took out other pig abs fell through the portal. BUT, he WASNT ZAPPED BY THE PIG after coming through the portal and he took out ALL TGE REMAINING BOMB TIERS & pigs in left side.(post portal).
•with my ONE remaining bird..:yellow…o aimed right at boss…he rolled through portal and put it and fell to bottom and immediately was SPLAT & killed!

But again my score of 222,443 ONLY GAVE ME 2 STARS LOLOLOL GRRRRR

By Jimmyb30OhiO

Sorry for my typos!!!…& I don’t know if big red will always manage to avoid disintegration by the right side pigs to take out the remaining bomb tiers?!

But, since my score only achieved 2 STARS ILL BE TRTING THIS OUT AGAIN..:& AGAIN…& probably AGAIN lol
Just a quick update! Opened level to retry and hopefully get 3 stars..:but wondered since I solved it in 3 states but only got 2 stars ..:if I’d have 3 stages or be lucky to now get only 2.

It seems the former result seems to be the case…I still have 3 stages?? so I’ll be trying to test the big red bird strategy again!

By Jimmyb30OhiO

Omg well managed to solve again with still the 3 stages but somehow debris or something fell through the worm hole and took out the remaining tnt tiers after I had just used one bird to knock boss off perch and through worm hole. So I kinda easily knocked him back through with another bird..:so he goes straight to the floor as all bombs removed…and he automatically is killed and fling at screen.
But my score was even less than befire @ 215,425 (around there) so STILL…only 2 STARS.

By Jimmyb30ohio

YAY! Finally got all 3 stars with the 3 stages. Took some repeated trying! But definitely doable with some luck too. This last time I tried the big red tactic to see if sending him through would take out all remaining bomb tiers …BUT this time the piggy shot & vaporized him.

But I had a bird left to luckily send Boss back through and he hit the bottom pack of bombs!

Score was 225,705 & resulted in 3 stars…whereas one previous attempt (described above) wa 222,443 and that was 2 stars!

K good luck

Rank: Shooter with 830 points
By monsterpighunter (@corporalpig)

of all levels before 68 (I’m currently there), this is the hardest I ever played I had to try it 10 times before I finally finished it

By Lucas

Wow I just passed this. Had 1 fat bird only when I got to the boss level, hit the corner of where the boss starts then through the portal and smashed all the tnt in one go – he just keeps smashing though. Then the boss rolled into the portal and died when he hit the floor!!

By TineBird

Hi. This was driving me crazy!!! After I read all your comments and tried again, my Boss Pig was distroyed after my first Bird :D
It was pure luck. I hit him with the yellow one and boss pig fell against the platform on the left and rolled into the transport whole. It hit the tnt just on the right edge and was catapulted out of the screen.
Sorry if this is no proper english, I am german and a little bit out of practice.

Rank: Sling God with 66490 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 4,695,338

screen 1-bomb bird into portal then middle structure, yellow bird takes out left structure, big brother into the right structure, goal 600-700k
screen 2-blues into purple portal and lower tnt, bomb bird takes out debris on left, grey bird into the purple portal to the right structure
screen 3-destroy the right structure, knock the Foreman Pig down into the portal, keep knocking him back into the portal until all the tnt boxes are exploded.

note: what was interesting about Foreman Pig was that on one occasion, on his first drop, through the portal, he cleared all the tnt boxes but only scored 1,781576 because the debris points were not obtained

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