Angry Birds 2 Foreman Pig Level 140 Boss Fight Walkthrough – Bamboo Forest Greasy Swamp

Walkthrough strategy for Angry Birds 2 Boss Fight #17 level 140 against Foreman Pig in Bamboo Forest Greasy Swamp. This is a multi-stage level, so fling your birds wisely. The score in the video below is 332,319.

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Comments (6)

By GeneM

Have been trying to get through this level for a week. But in my version there are 5 rooms to clear, not the 4 I see in all the videos. Plus there are more obstacles and tricky pigs. Boss pig hardly gets any damage even when I manage to use 4 birds on him. What gives????

By Rebecca Riley

I have exactly the same issue – 2 more rooms and pigs firing layers. Nigh on impossible

By pbk

Same. I’ve hurtled that damned pig all over the screen and barely given him 25% damage. This level might be the one that makes me lose interest in the game, to be honest. There’s only so long I can keep doing this.

Rank: Deputized with 100 points
By Terence the Magnificent (@terencethemag)

You are not alone. What gives? Did they change it up after all those other guys got through it?

Rank: Champion with 3780 points
By Jon S (@jon3800)

Terence, my theory on this that they might have been recording the previous update when AB2 used to be called “under pig construction”. That would explain the 4 rooms as I had an much easier time with that level than I am having now. Now I have updated mine with the new levels and chapters on my IP4 and currently playing it on Google Play on my PC, 140 became a 5 room nightmare, more obstacles in a way and seems to be fond of the cursed miner pigs :( I’ve been stuck on that one for awhile now, and most of my birds are on silver status expect bomb bird. The only way I’ll get through it is to hoard of gems :(

Rank: DaBomb with 430 points
By toshsghost (@toshsghost)

I finally took out this boss pig by bouncing him all the way to the right. He fell down the hole and I escaped with a win.

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