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We have received so many questions related to Angry Birds 2 that we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ to help provide a one-stop shop for answers. As always, if we missed a question leave a comment below and we’ll get it added. Also, don’t hesitate to head on over the Angry Birds 2 forum to ask question or look for answers. There is a ton of helpful information there. Below the FAQ you’ll also find some helpful videos.

  • Q. Is an internet connection required?
  • Yes, sort of. It’s required only when you launch the game for the first time (officially stated by Rovio). Internet is also required for an initial download after updating to a newer version.
  • What’s the max number of lives you can obtain?
  • Typically, it’s 5, but for some people it could be 10 as a result of testing the game. If you’re lucky, you can increase the lives from 5 to 6 via a special offer.
  • Is the card (bird) order always the same?
  • Nope, it changes every time you start a level.
  • What do Strike, Birdie and Headpop mean?
  • Strike means you completed a room of a level with just one bird, and that grants a bonus of 25K points. Birdie means you completed a room with two birds, and that grants a bonus of 10K points. Headpop is awarded when you hit a pig directly with a bird. Be advised that the bonus points might be lower in the first levels.
  • Do the changing levels have any impact on the score?
  • Supposedly not. Rovio officially stated that you can pretty much achieve the same score regardless of the structure layouts. Personally, the layouts have made significant difference for me.
  • Is my Angry Birds 2 progress saved?
  • It depends. For Android, if you connect to Facebook your progress will be saved there. For iOS players, your progress is saved through Game Center.
  • What is the Arena (video below)?
  • The Angry Birds 2 Arena is a daily tournament in which you compete against 14 other players across the world. Arena levels are endless, with the objective to win bird feathers and advance through the leagues (from Vanilla to Diamond). The higher your score, the higher your rank, and the higher your rank, the more feathers you’ll win. Be advised that an internet connection is required to participate in the Arena. The Arena is unlocked after completing Level 25. A first look video is below.
  • What do the feathers grant?
  • With feathers, you can increase your birds’ ranks (level up). Higher ranking birds are more powerful, causing more destruction, which means you can obtain more points and earn extra cards quicker.
  • What are the red and blue presents found in levels?
  • If you collect a red present, after completing the level you’ll receive either a spell or some bird feathers from that present. If you collect a blue present, after completing the level you’ll be able to send that present to a friend (if you’ve connected the game to Facebook).
  • What does the Golden Pig do?
  • Popping a Golden Pig immediately fills up the Destruct-O-Meter, which earns you an extra card.
  • How to achieve a large number of points?
  • Try to do Strike or at least Birdie shots while also trying to destroy as much material of the structures as you can. It’s not enough to just pop the piggies.
  • Well, there you have it! Now it’s your turn to tell us what we missed by leaving a comment below. If the question is applicable we’ll add it to the FAQ for all to see.

    The following videos were created during the soft-launch of Angry Birds Under Pigstruction; however, most of the information is still applicable.

    First Look at Angry Birds 2 Arena

    Angry Birds 2 Pig Inflater Spell

    Angry Birds 2 First Look

    A HUGE thanks to @mighty-red-1 for compiling this Angry Birds 2 FAQ. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

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    Comments (410)

    By Ned

    How do I access spells mid game?

    By Dana

    In some instances when getting various cards, videos will not load and program freezes. There is no way out except to close the game and lose all prize cards. Is there a fix for this.

    By Andy Lambert

    Why do I always have the same birds?????
    I’ve unlocked ALL birds but some of them NEVER appear.

    Rank: Flinger with 30 points
    By coco1290 (@coco1290)

    Which ones never appear? Note that there are 4 special birds in which you can only choose one from at a time. So depending on what levels you’re trying to beat, or whichever is your favorite, you can choose accordingly. I choose to have Bubbles (orange balloon) unlocked most of the time.

    By Andy Lambert

    Bubbles, Stella (pink one) it’s Bubbles I want to use. I’m now at level 360 I only have 8 birds showing even tho I have unlocked them all. Frustrating isn’t the word.

    Rank: Flinger with 30 points
    By coco1290 (@coco1290)

    All of us can only have eight at one time. Click on Stella on your home page and it should bring up the four special birds. From there you can select bubbles to use instead of Stella.

    By Andy

    Cannot believe it was that easy, Can’t understand how I missed it.
    Cheers coco

    By terry

    If i click on one of the other birds i only get to select a hat

    By ChillyWilly29p

    What do the extra cards do to impact how you play?

    By Enrico Risca

    Non capisco perchè quando entro nell’arena o in caso di vittoria tutto viene annullato e ritorno all’app di gioco. Questo non è corretto per non dire di peggioi

    By SafetyPops

    What do the Black pearls that I keep earning do?

    By Andy Lambert

    Use them to buy hats for your birds, a full set of hats upgrades your slingshot

    By Sharon

    Why does my game keep blacking out and I have to start over and when I have to start over I have to use my gems?

    By Sharon

    Why won’t my anger birds 2 open ? It just keeps going off!

    By Jean

    the arena will not open

    By Eva Asavesna

    My Game is not opening since today! Who can help me?

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