Angry Birds 2 Boss Fight Level 600 Walkthrough – Cobalt Plateaus The Hamalayas

Walkthrough strategy for Angry Birds 2 Boss Fight #81 level 600 against King Pig in Cobalt Plateaus The Hamalayas. This is a multi-stage level, so fling your birds wisely. The score in the video below is 2,759,772.

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Comments (6)

Rank: Deputized with 115 points
By suzanne003 (@suzanne003)

OK, this Walkthrough is completely LAME. YOU’re showing the best case scenario, I.e., you have a Terrance, and that move works out. Both are going to occur maybe 20% of the time.

I need to see what strategies you rec for the much more likely situation where Big Pig gets into the far right corner. There’s no way to move it, or slam it.

Can somebody post a comment/vid to show a strategy for dealing with that scenario? Please?!

Rank: Deputized with 115 points
By suzanne003 (@suzanne003)

Thank you to anyone able to help!

By John

Hey man, as lame as you thought this video or walkthrough was it actually worked like a charm. After so many failed attempts with the king getting stuck in the far right corner I tried this strategy and worked on the first try. It will work %100 if you aim Terence exactly where he shows it. Thanks

By Brian Higgins

Totally agree with the last comment above. I was stuck on this level for days till I finally gave in and searched for a walkthrough. Having watched this video, I got through it first time. You just have to have Terence ready to hit the King Pig in exactly the right spot, right where his crown meets his head.

Rank: Shooter with 835 points
By KnuckleHead (@knuklehead)

I, too, was stuck here and starting to think it would never happen. Suzanne003 is right about one thing: If you get stuck on that shelf, give it up and start over. My first try as shown was the tiniest bit too high and failed. Second try was spot on!

Kudos to Mighty Red. Thanks for showing us the way.

By Peg

Exactly I have been stuck on this level for WEEKS now if not longer and everytime I use Terrence to hit the King pig the blowers push him towards the shelf and then he gets stuck! So I asked you if the King pig gets stuck on the shelf how in the heck are you supposed to get him?

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