An Interview with the “Real” Angry Birds

This is not the normal type of video we post, but I thought some of you would like to meet the “real” Angry Birds. Per the YouTube page:

The developers of Angry Birds use the web to bring their bird-slinging phenomenon to millions of new fans around the world.

The three featured birds were designed specifically for this film, and are voiced by the original creators of the game: Peter Vesterbacka (CMO of Rovio), Jaakko Lisalo (Senior Game Designer of Angry Birds) and Serdar Soganci (Web Games Manager). Watch, and then play Angry Birds on the web at

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By JonathanSMB (@jonathansmb)

cool video!

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By 411connor (@411connor)

I knew it was a matter of time before Angry Birds Nest posted this :)

By timbo4815162342

whoever is playing the game in the background is doing horrible!

By PigQueen

hey, show some respect for the starving little pigs.

By Minecraftfan300

Pigqueen, you are now officaly on the pig’s side. =(

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By Silver (@silverkilo)

You now carry the “Mark Of The Pig”.

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By higgins (@higgins)

Really awesome!! :)

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By blackbird (@blackbomb)

lol they talk.Oh and if my icon is different i will change it evry month or so.i also wont come as often ever scince my school started.reply if you do not like my current picture.

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By Silver (@silverkilo)

Nice, in a demented bunny, squirrel, bird kind of way.

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By Austin (@austin18)

They look kinda odd, i don’t think it quite fits the style of the angry birds though.

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By btbe90 (@btbe90)

I like the purple one the best, aha! cute but a little bit odd, but i know this is what angry birds are!

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Enjoyable video! If any have not viewed this it is worth the minute it takes.
What is wonderful about this video is that 3 executives from Rovio took time from their schedules to make and present this video.
In addition, they expressed a sense of humor. Refreshing!

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