Agri Birds – A Brand New Angry Birds Game Coming Summer 2015

This just in! Rovio just announced a brand new Angry Birds game called, “Agri Birds”. It’s a farming sim that is sort of like The Croods, just a lot angrier. Per Rovio:

Welcome to your new summer job at Agri Birds Farm. Plough the fields, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends to save your farm from being bulldozed by the dastardly bigshot – Mighty Bagel.

Resource management meets visual novel meets point-and-click survival horror meets your face in the latest Angry Birds title from Rovio Entertainment!

Agri Birds New Angry Birds Game Coming Summer 2015 - App Icon

They also offer up this Tweet:

Agri Birds is quite different from Rovio’s past Angry Birds games. For starters, the birds have LEGS and most have muscular ARMS. Matilda tots a shotgun while Bomb likes to pump iron. Boomerang bird is perhaps the strangest, as she — yes, she — is some sort of diva who likes dressing up in provocative outfits.

Agri Birds New Angry Birds Game Coming Summer 2015 - Might Bagel

The antagonists are, “Mighty Bagel” and Gale. Mighty Bagel a cross between Boss Hogg and the Mighty Eagle. He wants to wipe out the precious farmland in favor of expanding his own golfing empire. In the video he states:

I’ll bulldoze your pathetic farm and build the greatest golf couse in history! Prepare to … !!”

The story doesn’t stop there, nope, it’s only beginning. This is really a story of, “Love, Loss, and Farming” where you have to “discover the secrets of the farm” and ultimately try to defeat the Mighty Bagel.

So there you have it! Your first look at Agri Birds, Rovio’s newest game. Let us know what you think of this in the comments below!

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Rank: Well Traveled with 1735 points
By AngryBirdsMaster2 (@abmaster2)

Well, Rovio confirmed in the YouTube video description that Agri Birds is indeed an April Fool’s joke. Now I’m not saying I’m dissapointed that this game isn’t official, but there were a lot of aspects to the concept that I really liked.
I. An Angry Birds farming game sounds really fun, and considering Rovio has been trying different game genres lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if they released something similar to this in the future.
II. I tend to prefer Angry Birds games that have at least some story/background element to it, so a ‘choose your own story’ game for AB sounds right up my alley.
III. I thought that the character designs for the birds were hilarious, and they actually came closer to what I expected the designs to look like for Angry Birds Movie than the originals.
IV. I actually found the idea of Stella and Gale being a lesbian couple very interesting. I have two friends who are homosexual, and I think that they (or at least the one who plays AB) would appreciate Rovio supporting gay rights.
Well, that’s my two cents. Hope you all enjoyed the fun little prank!

Rank: Hardened with 615 points
By Milton Alm (@renaultmilton)

So i have right? Look at my comment (In the first page)

By Richard Zoltowski

Hal is not in the game, I think the green bird is new.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9830 points
By Chris (@chriss)

Will there be leagues? Will there be facebook connection? Can’t I play alone and do I always have to play against/with my “friends”? Will there be gems? Okay, then it’s nothing for me. Anyway, I’m about to say good bye to Rovio. The gameplay of the very first AB game was so much fun. But nothing is left from this. Even ABO is not fun any more.

Rank: Slinger with 1035 points
By Nothing (@autobird)

I seriously hope I’m not the only one who agrees with you. Though some of their games, like Bad piggies and Transformers, were a general success, angry birds games in soft launch sorta look like an attempt to revive the franchise. Games that were once the one thing that everybody needed are not played anymore because gamers like to play a variety of games, not just one brand. Though I am not really a fan of Rovio anymore, I hope that if they ever retire, they would make a final, awesome, mind-blowing, unexpected Angry Birds game. Oh, and by the way, Agri Birds was just an April Fool’s joke(confirmed by Rovio) but I found the trailer to be very disturbing for little kids…

Rank: Explosive with 2185 points
By NCroc709 (@ncroc709)

While this is an April Fool, this game has a lot of neat concepts, at least from my eyes.
Rovio used to produce top-down perspective horror action games (such as Darkest Fear series) so I don’t mind Rovio to include horror-themed minigames in their future games.

Rank: Sling God with 69140 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Ok, late for the party again. What a great April fools joke by Rovio. Good sense of humor folks.

I watched the trailer about 3 times prior to reading any comments and thought that this new game is going to be very interesting. “Green Acres” is coming in game format. A little bit of everything a farm could have: some with guns, others with a bit of violence, a tad of romance and heart break, bad guys with money and the antics of the kids. Looked a little like a soap opera with its story line.

Oh well, I did enjoy the AF’s joke and viewing it again after reading all the comments I smiled even longer. Coming from a guy who smiles at the Toons and laughs with Piggy Tales, it is all in one’s perspective and your point of reference in this life. As we all have heard, some see the glass half empty and others see it half full. The important item in this existence of involvement is that we all “see it”…

By trusty

hal’s got Christmas story lady lamp legs!!! XD

Rank: Shooter with 945 points
By Technical58_CZ (@technical58cz)

I so exited. I think it will be nice game!

Rank: Well Traveled with 1835 points
By FreckledPig147 (@freckledpig147)

@technical58cz Umm…I think it was an April Fools joke. Plus a ton of details make it uncredible (or even INNAPPROPRIATE). For example, Rovio NEVER says that a new game is released worldwide UNTIL the day they plan to do so. (Check out Angry Birds Fight, Angry Birds Under Pigstruction — No news on worldwide releases!) Also, in the trailer, when you get to the part where the Blues appear and the flashlight fails, when the bird appears, it has BLOOD on it. :P Plus the name of the “Halette” (Sasha Lynx ? )is apparently the name of some porn star or something like that. :P Also, the interface looked WAY too similar to that of Angry Birds Stella. But I liked the concept of such a game, after all…

Rank: Shooter with 945 points
By Technical58_CZ (@technical58cz)

Oh, I thought it isn’t joke because I saw it some on 4. April. I’m disappointed because It looks like best Rovio game.

By Danny

I know it’s a joke but it is strange that maybe this time as it had arisen Angry birds 2 come.

Rank: DaBomb with 360 points
By Piggy (@bobbycleveland)

You got me trick

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