• JANET posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    Trying to make some new friends on Angry Birds Friends, so we can exchange gifts, I play DAILY and will always give back of course. Thanks to all, have a great day!!

    • I only play EPIC

    • Janet,do you play on the ABF Pro Strategy?If so we’re probably already friends.Reply BACK . DILLIGAF .

    • You have to log in to Facebook to exchange gifts . Didn’t see you on AB Friends. Which league are you in?

    • Hi Janet………

      I play and gift daily, welcome to my pool of ABF friends. I only play ABF’s – no Epic etc. There are some great Facebook groups where you can put yourself in line for scores of friends and get gifted great stash of PU’s and coins.

    • I play every day,welcome to my FB friends! Find me : Todor Nikolov-with t-shirt of METALLICA on profil pic,Tanks

    • I’ve been addicted to abf for a while now & all my fb friends don’t play anymore – because of that I now have no gifts coming in & have nothing …. so now I am going backwards …. Any abf would b appreciated 😊