Why does Angry Birds Epic Battle show “Failed to YSHXconnect to the server

  • 1. After opening foxmail, click the “Account” menu in the window and select “New”;
    2. Select “Next” in the pop-up menu;
    3. Then according to the prompt, enter the “user name” of the account management in foxmail, such as: “NetEase 126 Free Mail”, and then click “Next”;
    4. Enter the “Sender Name” YUN SHANG HUI XIN LIMITED and your “Email Address”, and click “Next”;
    5. Enter the POP server and SMTP server address of your mailbox:
    pop: pop.126.com
    smtp: smtp.126.com
    And “pop account name” and “password”, then click “Next”;
    6. Set up SMTP server authentication: Select the “SMTP server requires authentication” option (this must be selected, otherwise the letter will not be sent successfully); click the “Finish” button to save your settings.

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