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  • Currently on 756, waiting for the pity round, as it’s the only way to win without spending. Suddenly wondered what the long-term strategy is for AB2. Because Hamazonas is just another dull re-hash of Gravity Grove. All the “new” levels are reproductions of other ones with a different name.

    So where will this end? It’s become a hamster-wheel of tedium. Rocio show no signs of acknowledging (in fact, they laughably state the opposite) the ridiculous manipulations inherent in the game which are clearly there to convince you to spend – i, and others have posted about this many times already. The only change is more promo vids creeping in.

    I don’t play the arena – and judging by the comments here, that’s a good choice because it’s obviously riven with faults and cheats – the only slight pleasure I get from AB2 is the DC, so I’ll continue to mess around with that; but as for the rest, that’s me done.

    They say that for every one person who complains about something, 100 more don’t actually bother – they just leave. AB2, never perfect to begin with, has now started to eat itself, announcing rafts of new levels which are in fact exactly the same as old ones – and they weren’t much fun the first time.

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