Original Angry Birds, Mighty League banner customization options re-locking

  • Okay, I refuse to believe I’m the only one who ever experienced this, but my Google-fu has found nothing, literally. Yes, I know, the game was dropped and support ended, and it got disconnected earlier this year, but I’m looking for ANY help, or at least other people admitting this happened to them.

    You know how in Mighty League, your banner in the high score list can be customized? Three categories: background colour(s), background decoration (I picked balloons floating), and badge (I picked “Pigs” in a graffiti style). Various eggs and achievements throughout the game (primarily but not only within Mighty League) unlock customization options – now I can pick a red background, now I can pick wrenches, etc.

    Well, about FIVE times now suddenly out of nowhere ALL my unlocked options got re-locked! Starting over! This includes prizes out of special and golden eggs, including eggs I bought with gems (the last few times the game has gotten VERY stingy on decorations and badges, it’s so focused on colours that I think it has tried to re-unlock some, the reward showing grey. I hoped buying would prevent this issue). Luckily it remembers my chosen options, but it means I can’t try others as it would be a one-way change I can’t undo. Only this last time did I re-earn the balloons, and never have re-earned the “Pigs”. And for ages I had a “Something to see” red exclamation for an option I had unlocked before the first loss that I could no longer access. FINALLY re-unlocked it this last time and was able to dismiss the alert.

    Note that the first 2 or 3 times were BEFORE Rovio disconnected the game a few months ago. When I heard they were re-releasing the game, I was hopeful this would get fixed, or I could at least report it, but the jerks instead released a separate paid app.

    Has ANYBODY seen this? Is there any way to get my unlocks back? Or prevent it happening again? I’ve earned enough unlocks that they’d add up to all colours and all decorations (badges has been too stingy) by now if I got them all back. I’m on an iPad from late 2018 with the current iOS. (I just updated yesterday which makes me wonder if THAT did it, but I don’t think there’s been an update each time).

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