New scam

  • ABF Star cup isn’t a game one who can do math should play but I do play sometimes when I’m bored. I say that because the ‘winnings’ are pitiful, 4 -5  coins per level, and in order to win the blatantly rigged matches most of the time one must use 20-40 coins worth of PUs per level, or pay 100 coins to save the pitiful prizes. Now another reason to never play the game has presented itself. Won 9 games, 3 PUs and some coins were the prize. Tapped the  button to collect, surprise! “The request was invalid or incomplete”. So Rovio has a new way to scam us. At this point after seeing the patterns of rigged matches, where the “opponent” can get an impossible score with one bird, where the payout is so meager the only reason one would  play is to combat extreme boredom, I’d say it’s time to do something more productive for entertainment. Heck, go poke a hornet’s nest, the reward is better.  Yes getting stung hurts but the screaming and pain is obviously much more productive than giving money to a greedy corporation..

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