How to unlock Froot Loops Bloopers levels in Angry Birds Space

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  • Along with the Brass Hog levels released early last year, five promotional levels were included. Those levels, advertising for Kellog’s Froot Loops Cereals, were available for US players only. If you were not in the US, you could have access to those levels, nor even suspect their existence.

    I recently asked Rovio if there were any trick allowing anyone to unlock those levels from anywhere in the world. Their answer was: “You might be able to access them by using a VPN access point that is located in the US.” This is was I tried, and it worked immediately. Basically, you have to configure a basic VPN access only once, then open your game, click on the Froot Loops logo, and that’s it. I have tried it on an old iPhone 3 (with VPN express), an Android device (with TrustGo) and a PC, with different free VPN Apps/softwares, and it worked immediately. The only diffculty I had was to find a free VPN app that was still available for iPhone 3 on the Appstore (most apps asked for a more recent device).

    Anytime you will reopen your game, regardless you still have opened a US VPN access or not, the levels will remain open and you will be able to play them, so that in practice, unless there are limitations on using VPN access in some countries, these levels can be unlocked by anybody. For this reason, I would suggest that these levels are included in the general Angry Birds Space leaderboard, but it is up to the @admins to decide.

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