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  • Angry Birds Go is a unique game because it has birds and pigs working as a team, It’s a kart racer, and it’s the only game where you try NOT to smash blocks, and numerous other reasons. It has no form of golden egg, and I think Rovio should add a golden egg in each track.

    If found in all 3 tracks in a chapter, the golden eggs could unlock a special track for testing characters and Karts any way you want to without using up energy (or for a different purpose).

    Also, I have lots of character ideas. There are plenty of other birds and pigs out there. So come up with your own ideas for golden eggs or a character.

    -Ice bird: momentarily freezes nearby players.
    -El Porkador: Uses extreme fatness to shake the ground near him.
    -Chef pig: Swings around a frying pan (If you have a better idea for his power, I will change it).
    -Female red bird (from Hogs and Kisses): Summons an orbital blast from above in the form of a rainbow (again, suggest an idea if you have a better one).
    -Zombie pig (from the Halloween tournaments): Tosses 3 skulls in front of him that spin out whatever they hit.
    -Blu or Jewel from Rio: Tosses lots of fruit that greatly slow any player except Blu\Jewel.
    Emperor Porkatine: Electrocutes nearby players.

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