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  • I’ve stupidly spent WAY TOO MUCH $$ on angry birds friends! I know, no one put a gun to my head to force me but, here’s my dilemma!! I’m beginning to think whoever spends the MOST money WINS!? I’ll tell you WHY! I’ve done the exact same moves as our hero here Rayitos and have not come out w/nearly the same scores! Sometimes I’ve actually gotten a higher score but that’s far and few between! I’ve managed to climb from level 8 up to 18 by spending an amount I’m embarrassed to even repeat! I’m ashamed of myself to boot! Although I’ll continue to play and probably will keep buying power ups, there’s no way I can continue to buy as much as I have in the past! Does anyone else here agree that the more you spend the more they get you hooked and you don’t get the scores until you buy more and more!!?? Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading! 🙏✌️❤️ God bless

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