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  • Hello there fellow AB fans!

    As you already know, AB Fight! Has been shut down ever since late 2016 – early 2017 due to the deal with kiteretsu and rovio ending, making take their servers away from AB Fight!

    We need all the help needed from the community, bring back AB Fight! We will need all the help we get!

    The Project is called Angry Birds Fight Reforged if you did not know!

    The servers are currently down and we need server packets from anything namely going to and from the AB Fight! Pre-shutdown (I don’t know how to explain it that well) – if any of you have any Server Packets namely going to, please join the discord server here and contact FairPlay137 (the project has currently been shelved until we are able to have the server packets.
    As i said, we will need all the help, get read, Fighters and Fight on!

    Discord server:

    Message from FairPlay137: (Owner of the project)

    Some of you may have seen this coming, but…

    We have made the difficult decision to officially shelve Angry Birds Fight ReForged.

    Simply put, the main developer is really inexperienced with reverse-engineering, and doesn’t have much to work from. In addition, we have not been able to find more people who are able to reverse-engineer the game. On top of that, it appears nobody we have attempted to get into contact with has server packets for Kiteretsu’s defunct Angry Birds Fight service.

    YOU CAN STILL SAVE ANGRY BIRDS FIGHT REFORGED, THOUGH! If you are proficient in reverse-engineering native ARM code (you’ll know what we mean if you’re in that field), or have server packets of the Kiteretsu domains for Angry Birds Fight, we’d be glad to resume development of ReForged, just as long as you can provide us with what you are promising!

    If nobody is able to help us, then unfortunately, we can’t continue with ReForged. We appreciate all the support that we’ve been given, and here’s to future fan projects for Angry Birds Fight!

    And no, this server won’t be going away any time soon; this is a hub for discussing all things Angry Birds Fight, whether it be memories of the old Angry Birds Fight, or other ABF fan projects! We are still the Angry Birds Fight Community, and that’s not changing any time soon.

    tl;dr: ReForged is shelved, but you can save it if you have experience with reverse-engineering.

    Reminder that Kiteretsu cannot help us in any way regarding server packets, so please do not contact Kiteretsu or Rovio about server packets. They do not have server packets. Server packets can only be obtained by people who monitored network traffic when the game was still up.

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