Walkthroughs: Cheat or not cheat?
  • It's the walkthroughs cheats or not? I personally think that the walkthroughs are just help and you have to do it yourself. That I call cheat is to download a app so you get 3-stars without having done anything. What does you think?
  • No way is it a cheat. It doesn't guarantee anything. You still need to execute the shots yourself.
  • Of course it's not cheating! Who said it's cheating?
  • Here is what I do: I beat the level on my own, 3 star or no 3 star. Then I try to 3 star on my own(in the original Angry Birds I'd use to do the 1st part then use the walkthroughs for the 3*). If I can't seem to 3 star it after several attempts, that is when I break out the walkthroughs.

    Also, when was there ever an app that 3 stars a level for you(unless you replace your save file with someone elses just to achieve that, which as we all know is very easy to do)?
  • @gfish, my friends at school says it's cheating!
  • I do not consider it to be cheating, but I do enjoy the challenge of solving the puzzle without help the first time. Shooting for a high score, once the original puzzle is solved is when I might review the walkthrough and comments to verify that my solution is able to maximize results.
  • I played in my cousin's laptop (he told me to get all 3 stars in AB:Seasons) and I accidentaly pressed C and I finished the level without flinging the birds or shooting the pigs.
  • I don't know much about the work being an Admin on here but is there anyway to give badges or some sort of reward for people that somehow manage to 3 star all levels in a release before you are able to put the walkthroughs up.
    I've thought about this before and think it would be cool to be able to distinguish between people and add an extra incentive for really competitive people.
  • Wow, they'd have to do it awful fast. It seems sometimes that they have the walkthroughs up before they even have the leaderboards up.
  • Yeah which makes it that much more meaning if you do it.
  • I agree completely with Burbman.
  • I don't think we have the speed to do such things, sorry.
  • Yeah I figured, it would be way too much at one time. I don't understand how you guys are able to get the stuff up as fast as you do already.
  • My classmates says it's cheating too!
  • My friends think it's cheating, but I don't. You still have to do it yourself.
  • I don't really consider it cheating, but I only use them if I absolutely cannot beat the level with 3 stars. I think with Rio, Seasons, Original, I used them maybe 10 times. I don't remember the levels though. I have not watched any for Space yet. I have three stars on everything, but Danger Zone
  • The only "cheating" you have mentioned is the hack app, that you have to do ridiculous surveys for (no I don't have it for all of you wondering). Rovio even encourages you to watch videos to get better. And if watching videos was considered cheating, this site would lose all relevance, and would not be supported by Rovio. The videos offered here is the reason probably a good half the community is here for. You could spend years finishing all these things on your own... personally, I'd rather just cut to the chase. My 2cw
  • A good point @Bill!!!
  • I do the same thing as @techartist...
    Three star on my own, looking for best strategies and general weak points in the structure to attain what i think is the best strategy. After that, I then check the walkthrough to see what others found and to increase my score. I do this to prolong playing the level, but don't see how using the walkthroughs is cheating even if one were to go straight to the walkthroughs.

    The issue is one of time: going straight to the walkthroughs will likely reduce your playtime. In angry birds I like to prolong the time spent on a level. On the other hand, in a massive RPG like Morrowind I go straight to a gamefaq walkthru before even playing to learn how best to assign skill points and attributes to my character as I'd rather not play hours of the game only to learn that I made a mistake in character creation and must start over.

    It's just personal preference.
  • It really depends. Some folks on here are in the business of going for high scores, which takes a lot of time and effort in itself. Most of them would probably say getting three stars on your own is great, but not super impressive, and could be wasted time and opportunity for higher scores.
  • Not to mention those guys play just as many hours, if not more, than the rest.
  • I don't think that walkthroughs are not cheats, or at least how the conventional walkthroughs should work.

    The thing with other implementations is that incorporate things that should be discovered by the user on their own. But when you see it fairly, the walkthrough is just showing you how you could play it at quite a deeper level.

    So in essence, it is not a cheat per se, but rather cheating on yourself.
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  • I like using the walkthroughs
  • I don't think so, but my brother annoys me by telling me I'm cheating every time I look at a walkthrough.
  • I don't think it's cheating. I play on an Android phone and I do not have the Mighty Eagle to use. If a person on the IOS platform gets stuck on a level and can not complete it, they can use the Mighty Eagle to clear the level and move on to the next one. (although they get no score or stars for this). On the Android, If you can not clear a level, you're stuck. You can not advance to the next level. The walk throughs are a nice tool to help a person see other methods on how to clear a level.
    Personally, I try to not use the walkthroughs until I have completed all levels and 3 starred them. Since I consider myself an average player, I sometimes come here for "help". There have been times when watching the walkthroughs or reading an alternate strategy that a light bulb goes on and I say to myself "Duh! why didn't you think of that"

    And as slim stated, you still have to make the shots.
  • I don't think that watching Angry Birds Walkthrougs is cheating because player is one to shot and kill pigs. Simply, Angry birds is not that kind of puzzle game where walkthrougs could be consider cheating, there so many possibilites in game and everybody can find solution.
    On the other hand there are games like Azada with very specific kind of puzzles where walkthrougs are cheating, but if you can't pass on next level without solving puzzle and you don't have any more "wild cards" there is no other choice then look for walkthrough.
    Similar thing is with a new Rovio's game Amazing Alex... Walkthroughs for AA could be considered as sort of cheating.
    Anyway, I hope we will see walkthorughs for Amazing Alex here on Angry Birds Nest very soon. I wonder how ABN team design their solution. Besides videos I'd like to see solution screenshots.
  • @Hidayat I don't think it's cheating I ment by I don't like people who are hacking or cheating
  • It's definitely NOT cheating. Players still have to do all the work- and it often takes many, many tries to even come close to the Walkthrough score.
  • negative, NO WAY are they cheats
  • general trend here is that using walkthroughs isn't cheating. Given the nature of the site, it's no surprise that opinion is prevalent.

    While I get why the question is posed, you can't cheat by watching a video of how to do something, because you then need to replicate the video quite closely if not exactly, and that's all a combination of skill and luck (or the level destroying itself). I tend to try the levels myself first, get a 3-star and then check here to see how massively below average I am, try improving, then watch the walkthroughs and read the comments as closely as possible to get better scores. Since I can very rarely articulate the thought process well enough I look at walkthrough threads to see if I'm on the right lines or missing something crucial, so that could be edging towards 'cheating' as others have done some of the spadework for me, which is why i get the question.

    As @sparty83 says, while the Eagle isn't just a straight-forward cop-out like some may see it, it's certainly easier to progress in ABO by using the Eagle on iOS than it is in the Android version.

    the walkthroughs are a wonderful explanation of perhaps only one path through the level, and a great tool to use if you;re either looking to improve or are hopelessly stuck. Better to get through the game rather than reach an impasse.
  • But the Eagle can only be used to skip a level in ABo/S/R once per hour, so it's not much of a cop-out even then.
  • I guess I should at least try to learn something about the other platforms, eh? bit more of a pressure shot, then. I'm used to the Android approach of the Mighty Dragon in YotD, where use appears to be unlimited, and the Space Mighty Eagle is only limited by your spending power, I expect.

    Good that you can't rely on it, but painful if you miscue your fling.
  • @MUFC Are you kidding me? You've been around here long enough to know better than that.
  • I would not download it @AMslimfordy!!! Never!!! I just wanted to show the people that did not thought there was heck apps!!! Sorry!!!
  • i have a friend ( who has since lost this opinion i am about to mention...lol) that swore, that reading any walkthrough was a cheat. we were playing Final Fantasy 7 at the time...and he accused me of cheating. i was using a walk-through book to help me figure out where to get certain items. but as far as i'm concerned (and like i said, now he agrees with me)...here's the deal:

    anyone can tell you where to go and what to do, but in the end, the player has to be able to do it. so...anyone can show me/tell me...that "this" is what to do. but if i suck at a game, i will still have to do the legwork in order to do it. thus, still making me play the game like anyone else.

    so to me it's not cheating, when someone or something gives you a hint or tip...you still have to play it out.
  • Amazing Alex Walkthrough = cheating in my book, since all you have to do is place the items in the same position as shown and push play.

    Angry Birds Walkthroughs - not cheating, as execution is key, and cannot be directly copied

    Bad Piggies - kind of a hybrid, as you can directly copy the vehicle, but then you also have to execute the level with it.
  • well said @burb i agree 100%
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